Crucifictorious (and lesbian rocker Devin) reunite in a “Friday Night Lights”/”Parenthood” crossover


The television gods’ greatest gift to humanity was Friday Night Lights. And the Twitter gods’ greatest gift to humanity is Mae Whitman, legendary FNL aficionado. So it was a true winter miracle when NBC released a Friday Night Lights/Parenthood¬†crossover to help bridge scripted television’s Olympic hiatus. Parenthood is no stranger to the FNL family. Jason Katims, the executive producer of both shows, has secured guest spots on Parenthood for both Minka Kelly (Lyla Garrity!) and Michael B. Jordan (Vince Howard!), and Matt Lauria has been a key player in both shows, but the real thrill of NBC’s digital crossover is that it features fan favorites Landry Clark and Devin Boland, who make up the “Christian metal band” Crucifictorious.

Devin, you’ll remember, was one of Dillon’s two lesbian characters. (The other was the mayor.) She moved to town in season four and added some much-needed life and musical skills to Landry’s band. He fell in love with her, of course, because that’s just how Landry rolled, so she had to come out and tell him she was a lesbian. She even hit up a gay club with Julie Taylor at one point. I am happy to report, however, that she gets way more screen time and gay shenanigans in this short than she ever got on Friday Night Lights. At one point, she even inquires after Mae Whitman, unsurprising considering her history of starring in Tegan and Sara videos and also being a lesbian half-ninja.

Watch and marvel and fall in love with the “Friday Night at the Luncheonette” below.

You noticed, of course, that Whitman was wearing an East Dillion t-shirt. Now point me in the direction of some Amber/Devin fan fiction, please.

What did you think of the awesome crossover? (You thought it was awesome, I’ll go ahead and answer that one for you.)

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