“Black Sails” recap (1.04): Calamity


Previously on Black Sails, Eleanor and Max broke up because Eleanor couldn’t leave the island she worked so hard to gain control of, causing Max to run off but get captured and raped. Eleanor stopped the attack, but Max wasn’t all that grateful and decided to stick with Vane’s crew until she made up for all the pearls that ended up at the bottom of the ocean. Also, Eleanor ostracized Vane and made sure most of his crew joined Flint’s mission to raid the Spanish treasure ship.

Now that Vane is no longer captaining his own ship, Gates is going to be in charge of a crew after all. So Flint’s ship needs a new quartermaster, and Gates puts Billy up to the job, which the crew seems quite pleased about.

Billy’s first order of duty is to look for a suitable beach to land on for a pit stop — a little spit finish to gain a few extra knots per hour. Their options are to either stop at a beach nearby and risk calamity (I don’t know if calamity is a sailing term or just an awesome choice of words on that pirate’s part) or they could sail a few weeks out of the way to find a more suitable beach. Flint, highly fixated on his goal, obviously chooses the closer beach. Billy agrees with him and shuts down the men’s demands for a “fuck tent” saying they won’t have time. (Seriously Billy’s either a virgin or gay, he wants nothing to do with ladybits, and I don’t think it’s because of his impeccable work ethic.)

Billy pulls Gates aside and tells him that he’s starting to worry that he’s following Flint off the plank of sanity, and tells him about when the anti-Flint pirate, Wally, talked about a voyage they went on just before Billy joined the crew. They were after a certain trip, promised a huge haul — Flint always knows what to say to get people to follow him like the Pied Piper — and when they finally reached the ship, it was way less than they were promised. Wally overheard two people whimpering for their lives, promising their treasures if only they could be spared. Then he heard them be killed. And who should exit the room but a bloody Captain Flint. When they got back to shore, Wally saw a woman waiting for them on shore, and heard Flint tell her simply, “They’re dead.” It wasn’t a treasure hunt they had been on, it was a vendetta for Mrs. Barlow.

Speaking of Mrs. Barlow, she and Flint are having utterly unenthusiastic sex while Mr. Guthrie is forced to listen from the next room.

Black Sails 104-1

Afterward, they have a conversation befitting a couple of teenagers. Mrs. Barlow asks him if she’s mad at him, and he just pouts. She asks if it had anything to do with the fact that she was reading erotic poetry from the Marcus Aurelius book to Mr. Guthrie and he is like EROTIC POETRY IS OUR THING. She informs him that it’s actually something she did with her husband, and that she missed the life she used to have and didn’t want to forget.

Across the island, Mustachio Jack finds Vane barely conscious and looking worse for wear. He’s been picking fights and doing opium — when he lost Eleanor, he lost so much more, including his crew with the exception of eight men. Now, Mustachio Jack says this, so I don’t know if he’s including himself or LadyPirate in this count, but it’s still a far cry from what they had before. Vane lets out a half-hearted insult before seeing a large, burly man over Mustachio Jack’s shoulder that may or may not be a hallucination.

A random captain approaches Mr. Scott and tells him that the other captains are worried that Eleanor is going to lose her cool again and randomly embargo other crews. They call her Queen Eleanor, they call her a tyrant, and they tell Mr. Scott to “get control of her.” For some reason, despite seeming like a smart guy, Mr. Scott does not respond, “Don’t rape anyone, and things will be business as usual.” Instead he lets the captain walk away thinking Eleanor’s freakout was unprovoked.

Mr. Scott tells Eleanor this but she’s unconcerned. She doesn’t regret what she did, she’d stop the attack again if she could. Mr. Scott tells her to be careful, especially since they’ll be meeting with the man with the plethora of guns later (let’s call him Gunman). Scott makes her promise him that even she will not use force, even if he says no.

Black Sails 104-2Should have made her pinky swear.

 Over on the side of the island where Vane is hiding out, Max…er…services someone. He goes back to the other men telling them how she can unlock pleasures they never knew existed, and Max’s rapist goes to her tent to see what all the fuss is about. She tries to be seductive, telling him that the other men have been rewarded for their “gentle obedience” but she still looks a little scared.

Black Sails 104-3

She tries to reason with him, but he just smacks her right in her pretty face. He rapes her again, and LadyPirate overhears. And she. Is. PISSED.

Black Sails 104-4I can’t wait ’til she sets a man on fire with the power of her mind.

Eleanor approaches Gunman, and tells him that he needs their help to capture the treasure ship, and that her father will be at her tavern to talk business with him later that evening. Which will be a neat trick since he’s being held captive.

An ever-shirtless Billy tells two of his men that they tied the ship to the wrong tree, but they ignore him and don’t fix it. Probably because as soon as he walked away, the only memory of the conversation they were left with was the image of Billy’s razor-sharp abs.

Silver, roasting his second pig of the day, tells Flint that he thinks Billy is cracking under the pressure of being quartermaster, but Flint says he trusts Billy and to drop it.

The Wrong Tree starts to give, which is probably symbolic of this whole damn operation.

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