12 women who are having a worse Valentine’s Day than you


Valentine’s Day is always a tricky time, no matter what your relationship status is. For a lot of lesbian/bi ladies, the day just kind of blows. You could wallow, you could fly into a rage, you could listen to Taylor Swift by yourself and cry — or you could remember that things could be a helluva lot worse. You could be one of the 12 women below, all of whom are absolutely having a worse Valentine’s Day than you.

Paige McCullers (Pretty Little Liars)


You could be unaware that your girlfriend’s first dead girlfriend, who tortured you into the closet, came back to life wearing masks upon masks upon masks of her own face, and your girlfriend is trying to find a way to help her come back to town.

Stef and Lena Foster-Adams (The Fosters)


You could find it impossible to make time to make out with your wife because your son can’t stop trying to make out with his foster sister.

Jane and Maura (Rizzoli & Isles)


You could spend almost every hour of every day with your soul mate but find that you both can’t stop dating men for reasons you literally cannot comprehend.

Stahma Tarr (Defiance)


You could have been forced to kill the lady-lover who made you feel so many brand new things to keep your man-child husband from going on a family-destroying murder spree, only to return home and find out your man-child husband went on a family-destroying murder spree anyway.

Emily Fitch (Skins)


Your girlfriend could have been subjected to worse writing than The L Word.

Piper Champman (Orange Is the New Black)


You could have ended up in prison right before the statute of limitations ran out on a half-hearted, non-violent felony you once committed, only to find yourself re-falling in love with the girl who named you and being betrayed on a national radio program by your self-absorbed fiance.

Santana Lopez (Glee)


You could have made the asinine mistake of breaking up with the love of your life because of an “energy exchange” with some random girl in the library, and then spent all of your rebound time with Demi Freaking Lovato sitting on the couch watching your roommates live their lives.

Myka Bering (Warehouse 13)


You could have fallen in love with the Mother of Time Travel only to have your show end before you got the chance to do anything about it.

Callie Torres (Grey’s Anatomy)


You could have been forced to make the decision to chop of your wife’s leg after she almost died in a plane crash and then you could have watched her cheat on you with a visiting surgeon.

Tara Thornton (True Blood)


You could have almost died, been turned into a vampire, fallen in love with the woman who turned you, and then spent a whole entire season watching her ignore you because of how she loves the one who turned her.

It could always be worse: You could be a lesbian on TV. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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