Watch now! Tatiana Maslany fangirls over “Blue is the Warmest Color”


Happy Valentine’s Day!

My gift to you is the ever-adorable Tatiana Maslany.

OK, so it’s not my gift technically. It’s from BBC America. But I’m the messenger! Imagine me with wings shooting you in the heart with a Tatiana-shaped arrow.

Sorry, that got weird. Tatiana Maslany gets me all twitterpated and I can’t think straight. Here, just watch:

Extra props to whoever edited this video for splicing in Cosima’s perfect and adorable “enchanté” so we could imagine what Tatiana looked like when she was fangirling over Adèle Exarchopoulos from Blue in the Warmest Color and trying to impress her with her French skills. (Which, can you blame her?!)

Also, even though the Tumblr user didn’t mention us by name, don’t worry, Tatiana knows about (and loves) us clonesbians, too.


Only 64 days until Season 2 of Orphan Black! Can you stand it?

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