“Lost Girl” teases the end of the world in its season finale


Step right! Step right up and place your bets. This is your last chance to get in on the Lost Girl Prophecy Pool. Which conspiracy theory will prove true? Which prophecies will come to pass? Hedge your bets or double down? Your guess is as good as mine. Step right up!


Right, so with only one episode left this season, Lost Girl has left a lot of loose (and fraying) ends to tie together this Sunday. Who is Rainer, really? Who is the Pyrippus, really? Is Bo really the Queen? Is Evony really human? And what’s really going on with Massimo? And just how magical is Lauren’s vagina, really. No, really, I’d love to know. First hand. Ahem.

This season of Lost Girl has gives us twists, turns and one truly unwelcome BoNer. The only thing that is clear from Showcase’s finale preview is that somebody needs to save the world, again.

So what does that tell us? Massimo went gray and invincible from eating the Origin Seed. Bo needs a pick-me-up from Tamsin. Kenzi couldn’t stay away from the Fae after all. And Lauren still hasn’t put a bandage on that forehead gash. Also the end of the world is nigh, etc. etc.

It’s a little hard to decipher, and promo pictures released by Showcase don’t make it any easier. Though this one will probably get Doccubus fans’ hearts racing.


And in this one I mostly just want to know where Bo finds her fabulous leather jackets.


And Levony fans (they exist, right?) will be pleased to see even as a lowly human the Morrigan looks damn good.


So, what are your wildest, craziest predictions for the big finale? How will this crazytrain of a season play out? We’ll know on Sunday. Until then, place your bets in the comments. Me, I’m pretty sure Crystal will arise from the glowing portal and claim Lauren as her queen to go live on a farm with Duke the old Palomino together. Fine, that’s probably not going to happen, but what the hell has Crystal been doing for the last nine episodes?

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