The Huddle: Scenes of Romance


Even if you don’t have a Valentine today, surely you can appreciate a good romance. In fact, sometimes it’s even sweeter when it’s not your own! In life, these moments happen so quickly and, often, just once. In our favorite romantic scenes on film or TV, we can experience them over and over again. (Note: Grace Chu wants you all to know she’s boycotting this Huddle, because she has no soul.)

OK, lovers: What are your favorite romantic scenes?

Heather Hogan: Oh, I can’t choose just one. My top best number one picks are: Pride and Prejudice‘s golden hour love confession. (Don’t talk shit about Jane Austen to me, I mean it.) Wall-E and EVE’S deep space dance scene. ScarJo and Bill Murray‘s whispered goodbye in Lost in Translation. Juno’s Tic Tac’s in the mailbox thing. That goddamn bloody shirt in Brokeback Mountain. The entire opening sequence of Up. Nino and Amelie’s whole entire deal (in Amelie). Julie Delpy‘s dance in Before Sunset. That scene in The Cutting Edge when Kate tries to be unimpressed with Doug’s 60-dollar tux. The perfect day Bill Murray finally makes in Groundhog Day. Lady and the Tramp sharing a plate of spaghetti. Little Sam running to get the shit kicked out of him by love in Love Actually.


For TV, I reckon it’s this week’s Paige and Emily noir love on Pretty Little Liars. Pam and Jim’s first kiss in “Casino Night” on The Office. When Chuck finally confessed his feelings to Sarah in “Chuck vs. The Three Words.” Willow and Tara’s “Can you just be kissing me now?” Oh! Helen and Nikki’s final scene in Bad Girls: “Shaun is gorgeous, and he’s everything you’d want in a man. But I want a woman.” When Clark proposed to Lois on Lois and Clark and she called him out on being Superman. And on Friday Night Lights when Coach finally comes to his senses and chases Tami T down in the mall to ask her to take him with her to her new awesome college job in the season finale.

The most romantic thing that I’ve ever experienced in real life is one time I got food poisoning on what was meant to be the most love-addled vacation I’d ever hoped for, and I yarfed for like three hours and when I came out of the bathroom looking like someone who had yarfed for three hours, my girlfriend—who’d been running downstairs buying Gatorade after Gatorade for me—looked over and her face got so soft and her eyes crinkled up so sweetly and she said, “You’re beautiful, you know that?” And then she big spooned me until my fever broke. Also, she held my hand one time while I cried for like three hours after meeting J.K. Rowling. OK, and also she chased down an ice cream truck for me once, like two full blocks of sprinting after that ringing bell, while shouting at me the whole time over her shoulder to stop running because my shoes were untied and I was going to break my face. She caught him.


Bridget McManus: My pick is the scene in which Jodie Foster pushed through the crowd of onlookers and screamed out Richard Gere‘s name before he was hanged in the period piece Sommersby. Gere’s character wants to see the face of his love before he dies but Foster refuses to watch. In the end, Foster shows up frantic shouting, “Don’t, please!” and when she screams “Jack! I’m here!” I always burst into tears. She loved him so much that she honored his wishes and watched him leave this world. Damn, that movie is depressing and romantic.


Elaine Atwell: My favorite romantic scenes are those that acknowledge that our regular, everyday language just isn’t enough to express what we feel when we’re in love (or, as Louis in Angels in America put it, if you must talk, talk dirty.” I love in Amelie where the two main characters finally meet and don’t say a word, just kiss in perfect silence. And I love in Moulin Rouge when Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman sing the corniest love song ever at each other WHILE SHE IS DYING and hearts explode and the laws of gravity are suspended. But maybe most of all I love that scene in The Jerk when Bernadette Peters and Steve Martin sing Tonight You Belong To Me on the beach. Like maybe all you need in the perfect moment in your life is your person, a ukulele, a cornet, and your Special Purpose.

The Jerk

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