Stef and Lena set some rules for Callie on “The Fosters”


fosterspeek16-blockAfter this week’s more somber episode, these two clips from Monday’s new The Fosters make it look like we are launching right back into our regularly scheduled drama. Stef and Lena deal with the consequences of the shooting, and set some rules for Callie to follow. Take a look if you don’t mind a spoiler or two before Monday.

Callie sounds an awful lot like the Callie we know and love. Maybe she’s back for good.

Brandon moved out? This should make things more interesting.

We learned last week that the District Attorney is taking a closer look at the shooting Mike and Stef were involved in. This week it looks like Stef may be paying a price for her role in it too.

See kiddies, this is why we always tell the truth. Show of hands, who can’t wait for Monday?

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