Our favorite “Pretty Little Liars” #BooRadleyVanCullen tweets from “Shadow Play”


Well, I, for one, still haven’t recovered from Pretty Little Liars‘ dive into noir, so I’m just going to leave these tweets right here and these magnificent GIFs (courtesy of Falchuck’s Tumblr) and let you stare at the glory of both of those things while I try to pull myself together to recap.

tumblr_n0v6t6ddvS1qbqkuoo6_250 tumblr_n0v6t6ddvS1qbqkuoo1_250
tumblr_n0v6t6ddvS1qbqkuoo8_250 tumblr_n0v6t6ddvS1qbqkuoo2_250


































































See you back here this afternoon for the full recap!

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