“Mr Selfridge” recap (2.4): The Stalwarts of Selfridge’s


This week’s episode of Mr Selfridge continued along in its fascinating World War I fervor, its intriguing development of its large cast of characters: Henri is in some shady dealings of some sort and owes somebody some money! Victor’s Uncle Joe dies and now he can’t go off to war because he has to take care of la famiglia and everyone’s going to think he’s an Italian coward! Miss Mardle and Agnes are going to be roomies, holy crap!

Like every episode, it’s an entirely enjoyable hour of good British TV. Except for us, something’s missing, and that something is the lesbian storyline we were promised. There is indeed quite a bit of Rose and Delphine interaction this episode, as the two of them, along with Lady Mae, plan a benefit at Selfridge’s for Belgian families and refugees who have just been invaded by the Germans. The scenes with all three ladies are pure gold: Rose clearly still thinks Delphine is the bee’s knees, while Lady Mae bristles with what’s either jealousy of Rose’s attention or disgust at Delphine’s lower-seeming class, or an amusing combination of both.

selfridge4screencap1 selfridge4screencap2

Everyone, it seems, wants to be the apple of Rose’s eye, and for good reason. She floats around with a sense of purpose, a glowing confidence and airy happiness that was never there in the first season. But what, and who, is the real reason behind that joy? It seemed clear in the first episode or two that it was her self-established freedom from Harry, coupled with her new relationship with Delphine. But since then, her and Delphine’s friendship seems nothing except stable, while she and Harry slowly arc back together.

selfridge4screencap3Hugs, but not a lot more.

After a meeting setting the details of the Belgian charity event, at which Harry waltzes in and says, “Making money isn’t as easy as it seems, silly girlies, har har har! Good luck with your sweet little event!,” Delphine and Rose stroll arm in arm to the door. Delphine remarks that things appear better between her and Harry. Rose says they are, but then laughs at a glance from Delphine, adding, “Not LIKE THAT.” As in, “I can bear his company without feeling full of rage now, but please, it’s not like I’m HAVING SEX with the dude. I mean, be real, Delphy.” This seems promising.

But later in the episode, after the successful charity event—in which a famous Belgian chocolatier dazzles the store and hilariously and sensuously drops chocolate into Miss Mardle’s mouth—Harry congratulates Rose at home about the job well done and says that he’s in love with her. Rose calls him “incorrigible.” And then they kiss. They kiss somewhat passionately. And while Rose still heads up to her own room afterwards, she throws lady eyes back down at Harry as she ascends the stairs, calling him incorrigible once more.



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