“Black Sails” recap (1.03): Two Fawns


Previously on Black Sails, Flint wanted to lead the charge to find a Spanish Treasure ship, but he needs the ship’s schedule, which Silver memorized and burned; Mustachio lost 5,000 pesos worth of pearls; Max begged Eleanor to leave Nassau with her, but Eleanor refused, asking Max to stay with her on the island instead. Max, heartbroken, chose to leave in the dark of the night instead.

Last we left Captain Flint, he had collapsed on the threshold of a mysterious woman’s house, who didn’t seem all that surprised to see him. He wakes up in her house the next morning, and she dutifully tends to his wounds. He tells her that he’s found the ship, and she asks about the schedule, so obviously she’s in the know about Flint’s obsession. We find out her name is Miranda, and Flint wants her to watch over the wounded and kidnapped Mister Guthrie.

Black Sails 103-1

In Eleanor’s office, Silver is attempted to recreate the schedule with everyone watching intently NO PRESSURE. I hope he has a great memory because it’s been a whole night and he didn’t have all that much time to upload it into his brain in the first place.

Scott pulls Eleanor aside to tell her that Max snuck past her guards and left late last night. Eleanor doesn’t understand; she told Max she would protect her. She turns to Silver and tells him that he better be worth all this trouble.

Mustachio, we learn, is actually called Jack, and though according to you all in the comments, he’s famous actual pirate Calico Jack, since they have yet to drop that nickname, I think I’ll just call him Mustachio Jack. Mustachio Jack is confronted by his crew about the missing pearls. They look less than pleased and says that he better make it right, and fast.

LadyPirate is still just brooding.

Black Sails 103-2When she finally does do something, it’s gonna be epic, I can tell.

Flint has joined the watch-Silver-recreate-the-schedule party in Eleanor’s office, and he tells Silver that he’s missing the last bit. Silver says that he’s withholding it for life insurance. He wants on the crew, and a cut of the treasure. Flint asks what makes him think he won’t just kill him once they find the treasure, but Silver flashes his baby blues and says that Flint might just get attached to him by then.

Despite Billy’s outcries, Flint asks Eleanor if she thinks this is a fair deal, and she agrees, so it is done. She tells Flint that he’ll have the supplies he needs. Scott pulls her aside is like, “Didn’t want to say anything in front of the boys, but we don’t have all that stuff you promised them.” And with a look of deep regret, she says she’ll have to ask her father for help

Eleanor goes to Miranda’s to see her father, who stares in stony silence while Eleanor makes her plea. She starts to leave, but then she whips back around and informs him that it’s either help her, or flee to Boston, where his brother and father will mock him for being a loser. She says that she and her mother made him into the man he is, and that he doesn’t have any other choice but to help her.

Black Sails 103-3Daddy’s girl, she is not.

Billy sentences Silver to a day of peeling potatoes with the crazy chef to keep him in line, but Silver uses the position to his advantage and starts to try to figure out who might be anti-Flint. Billy tries to do the same thing, but he’s less coy about it and ends up making two of said anti-Flinters nervous.

Mr. Guthrie, apparently finding his voice once his daughter left, asks Miranda who she is to flint. She stays tight-lipped about it, but tells him to read Marcus Aurelius. She says they can discuss it after, and suddenly I wish I knew anything at all about Marcus Aurelius because it seems important.

On the other side of the island, Silver finds Billy and tells him what he knows about the mini mutiny. Billy had already known about the crazy cook and someone named Turk (who has been claiming a witch has been controlling Flint for ages), and says they’re harmless. The third man, however, is Wally, and Wally is someone Billy didn’t know was anti-Flint. Billy asks Silver why he showed him this, and Silver once again does that eye-sparkle thing and says he’s trying to earn his trust. (Sidebar: One of the other pirates gave Billy a hard time for not having gotten laid on the island yet, so I’m hoping he turns out to be gay. Silvy? Billver? I’d ship it. They’re both pretty.)

Meanwhile, Mustachio Jack tries to bond with Gates about the fact that they’re both quartermasters. Gates knows that MJ’s just laying it on thick because he’s up a creek since he lost the pearls. Mustachio Jack can’t disagree with that, but he heard that Gates is going to captain a second ship for Flint’s treasure hunt, and tries to make Gates feel guilty about his age, saying he’s too old to captain a ship.

Gates goes to Flint with this new self-doubt and says they should consider using Vane and his crew as their second ship instead. Flint laughs and says even if he did want this, why would Vane say yes?

Well, Vane would say yes because Mustachio Jack is very persuasive. He points out that maybe Vane doesn’t stand to only gain treasure, but also Eleanor’s respect. At this, Vane caves.

Mustachio Jack helps ensure this by telling Eleanor that the whole scheme was Vane’s idea.

Tensions are high, mostly because Flint has a temper (and is possibly legitimately insane) and keeps demanding an apology and repayment for the death of Mosiah and his men. Gates pulls him outside and sasses him for losing it, and when he returns, restates the question much more diplomatically. Eventually they come to terms, but Mustachio Jack wants to know who will enforce them, since he believes Eleanor to be biased in favor of Flint. He suggests her father, and Eleanor bristles at the thought, especially since he has no idea of this particular endeavor. Vane steps in and says Eleanor’s word is good enough for him and they shake on it.

On the way out, Mustachio Jack tells Vane that he has to clean up “last night’s mess” so they don’t ruin all the lovely arrangements. Vane goes into a building to find Max, naked, chained, and beaten.

Black Sails 103-4NOOOOOOOOO!

Vane asks why she left the protection of their mutual…friend. Max looks at him and asks him, “How did you feel when she threw you aside?” This gives Vane a bit of a soft spot for her, and even though Mustachio Jack surely meant for him to kill her, Vane orders him to put her on a boat off the island after dark. MJ asks what if she comes back, but Vane knows she won’t.

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