Knights, warriors and queens show up in the “Lost Girl” penultimate season episode


With only two episodes of Lost Girl left this season, the Succubus and her Faenky Bunch (Too much? I went for it.) have a lot of explaining to do. Who is The Wanderer/Rainer, really? What’s with the Tarot Card of Destiny/Daddy Issues? Why is Massimo such a tool? What is Dr. Hotpants up to really, besides having hot pants? And so on and so forth.

The promo for the penultimate season 4 episode, titled “Origin” answers few questions. But it does have a female knight in a suit of armor, so it can’t be all bad.

Right, so shall we tackle this from the beginning?

Evony wants Bo dead, Trick does not. Lauren hears them argue while stealing a book. Evony kisses Lauren. Whoa, whoa, back up, whoa. Really, this again? Or is this another lip sample situation for heroic purposes like science or overthrowing the Light/Dark power structure and creating a truly free Fae society?


The book Lauren stole/borrowed has some prophecy about “a Warrior and a Queen” where one of the two shall die. I’m not entirely sure who is the “Warrior” and who is the “Queen” just yet. Though a warrior arrives on scene, if on cue, and pledges fealty her queen Bo. So that might clear that up. The knight, by the way, is a Hilary Swank look-alike from the Order of Reyna? I don’t know if that’s spelled right and am a little too tired to check. I swear half my time trying to recap Lost Girl is spent Googling obscure mythological names. (Help a sister out in comments if you know the actual Order name.)


If you read the text of the book Lauren borrow/stole/liberated there’s talk of Rainer who is a demon beast of evil with fangs and horns. So, possibly not this Game of Thrones Ken Doll Bo has been making time with, after all. Yeah, sounds like we’ll be meeting this Pyrippus pretty soon.


Also making a repeat appearance is Massimo. Dyson’s pretty pissed at him, as we all are. Bo also seems pretty pissed at Lauren, because she chose her and then there was that whole breaking of hearts thing. And, because the cycle of anger is real, Kenzi appears to be pissed at Bo and wants her to unclaim her. Where is it all going?

The title and synopsis for the season finale have also been revealed. They shed a little more light on where this is all going, emphasis on “little.” The title is “Dark Horse” and the synopsis is as such: “Bo is forced to make the toughest decision of her life to stop evil from bringing destruction on her world” Bo’s really gunning for Buffy territory in this saving the world from the apocalypse a lot business.


So, thoughts on the promo? Digging the female knight? Worried about the Doccubus relationship? I know, I know–where is Tamsin? Discuss.

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