“Lost Girl” recap (4.06): Don’t give me no lip, woman


I screamed, out loud and everything, no less than three times watching this episode. And each scream was for a decidedly different reason: delight, confusion and vindication. There was also one groan, though not the good kind. Still, all in all, that’s not too shabby of a track record on the gamut of emotions scale for one little hour. So are ours prepared? Have you warned the neighbors about potential loud noises emanating from your place? Then we shall begin.


A Russian diva (the singing kind, not the kind that throws a drink on you at a dinner party) is performing for an audience of one. But escapes silently afterward and happens to stumble into the Dal. Of all the gin joints, etc. etc. She sees Bo and – thanks to Kenzi’s Russian translation – we learn she’s thrilled to have found her. Because “she” told her to come. But who is she? Well, Bo, of course. Dun-dun-dunnnnn.

OK, fine, I made those sound effects in my head. But Bo is going out of her head trying to find out what this songbird – a rare bird-like Fae whose song can evoke powerful, even deadly, memories – knows about her. Trick says she needs her rest and I need to figure out who stole my magic bean, but that last part was also in his head. Look, not everything that happened this episode was an out-loud scream.


AHHHHH! There. That was an out-loud scream. Because Lauren Lewis a.k.a. Karen Beattie a.k.a. Dr. Hotpants a.k.a. Disco Queen is doing a little dance while packing. Yes, a little dance. Yes, she’s doing it. Yes, I screamed. Fine, if you want to get all technical about it it was probably more of a squeal – a squeal of delight. Oh, please, you did, too. I mean, look at her. Look at that hip wiggle.


She’s so happy. She’s so happy to be leaving the Light. I feel so torn. On one hand, yay for Lauren. She feels free for the first time in years. On the other hand, dude, it’s the Dark. You know they are up to no good.

And, speak of the devil, in she walks. The Morrigan has beer and pizza. Oh, shit – you know that’s Lauren’s weakness. The last time she had beer and pizza it led to nakedtimes and orgasms. Forget oysters and champagne, this is the universal lesbian aphrodisiac.


Evony’s beer is from her own personal label, Dark Belch. Gotta admit, the Dark do have a sense of humor. Evony says it was from her redneck phase. Can you see her in a trucker hat and camo pants? She offers to help Lauren move, but touches her box of Star Trek DVDs and collectible action figures. Yeah, I almost screamed there as well.  Also, did Lauren say “con” – like convention – or “Khan” – like Wrath of Khan? Either way, her nerd factor went from stun to kill with that. Seriously, we all died from the geekery. But what happy, happy deaths.


Evony – who insists on being called Evony and not the Morrigan because they’re totally besties now, m’kay – gives her an “Oh, honey” and hands Lauren some very old looking journals as a gift.

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