“Betrayal” recap (1.10): Number 16


When we last touched base with the scandalous plot-thickeners of Betrayal, Jules (Sofia Black D’Elia) and Val (Elizabeth McLaughlin) were finally spending QT together, only to break up, get back together again, and seal their blissed-out new romance with a promise ring. But a new day has broken in the city of corruption; no need to soften matters now. Jack (Stuart Townsend) is no longer living at home, no longer greeted by doting Elaine and loving children, Val and Vic, with whom he once shared bricks. Jules has set up camp however and acts as a messenger, letting Jack know Val is “sick” and isn’t ready to hang with him anytime soon. Elaine, of course, is off somewhere with Aiden the wine/FBI guy. Thatcher Karsten (James Cromwell) has yet again covered his tracks by letting Drew (Chris Johnson) know that Jack has duped them both—and Karsten is accusing Jack of murder even though we know it was his son TJ who killed Lou. Doesn’t look like a good day for Jack McAllister.


I can’t help but think back to the first episode when Karsten barked: “After the first betrayal, there are no more.” He may be dark and deceptive, but the man makes sense. The repercussions of Sara and Jack’s short-lived affair have had a ripple effect, and the dust is still stirring. So, Jack goes and buys a house for him and Sara. Here I thought lesbians were the only ones who bring a U-Haul to a second date. Will this shelter from the storms outside be enough to protect Jack?


Drew stops in to visit Sara at her studio, but he drops the bomb and tells her he thinks Jack killed Lou. Sara doesn’t want to believe him, but when she shows up back at her new love shack with Jack, he doesn’t exactly act innocent, or even kind. His own son Vic, who becomes so unhinged that he walks out into moving traffic, thinks his father is the murderer. It’s at this point we are greeted by Jules and Val, playing house once again at the McAllister compound where the only couple staying afloat are, you guessed it—Jules and Val. Looks like when Sofia and Elizabeth tipped us off about the pairing surviving all the vengeful cross-fires of the adults in this show, they were right on.


As this bleak episode comes to a close, Jules is found at the foot of the FBI’s investigation—they’re about to search her house for any incriminating documents she might be hiding for Karsten Ally. Hope you shredded those papers, Jules. Sara pays a visit to Drew, having connected some seriously important dots about the Lou murder. She’s got news for Mr. Stratford: It’s not Jack, it couldn’t be. They were together the night Lou was killed, and when Drew called her around the time of the murder (by coincidence) she and Jack were standing next to each other an hour outside of the city. So then why are we left with Jack meandering over the police station—in which he gives a full confession to the murder of Lou? Despite no lingering Jules-Val scenes this episode, Betrayal has withstood the odds stacked against it. Jules could be in major trouble next week.


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