“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.11): Back to the Start


Previously on Once Upon a Time Peter Pan and Henry switched bodies and actually made Henry interesting for a change, just when they finally got back to Storybrooke. Unfortunately, Pan’s plan for Storybrooke is to re-enact the spell Regina put on them to create the town in the first place, but have them play by his rules this time.

Speaking of the curse, we open on Pan (still in Henry’s body) standing with Felix at the magic well, tossing in potions to start the curse. The final ingredient is the heart of the thing he loves most. Felix, trusting, terrifying Felix, perks up and is like, “Great, so we’ll just go get your kid’s heart, then?” Pan chuckles, saying he never loved his son. No, love comes in many forms, and the love of his most loyal Lost Boy will suit him just fine. Without further ado, Pan rips out Felix’s heart and tosses it into the well.

Across town, still outside the crypt, Rumple tells the gang what exactly is in store for them. They devise a plan to get the Black Fairy’s wand off the Blue Fairy’s body and put Pan and Henry back into their own bodies. Then, they just have to get the scroll to Regina so she can destroy it. Unfortunately, Pan’s Shadowman was eavesdropping, and none of them noticed the scary, glowy-eyed Shadow monster floating above them.

Side note: This didn’t end up being relevant, but I thought it was worth mentioning that Snow White had a unicorn mobile for above Emma’s crib. Hilarious.

OUAT 311-1Always destined to perfect the lesbian slouch. 

Charming, Neal, Hook, and Tink go to get the Black Fairy’s wand from the convent, where the Blue Fairy’s body is lying out for a very small memorial held by nuns we’ve never seen before. The Shadowman, however, has plans to intercept the wand. The foursome attempts to “hide” by crouching down in a pew of the very wide-open church.

Flash way, way back to Neverland, where Smee is following Hook around Neverland, begging his captain to lead them back to the relatively save Jolly Roger. Hook is trying to find a way off the island so he can go kill Rumplestiltskin, when Smee gets sacked by an unseen force. It ends up being the one and only Tinkerbell, who presses a knife to Hook’s throat.

OUAT 311-2Being attracted to Tinkerbell is confusing my inner child.

 He asks for Tink help, but she informs him that she doesn’t play little miss nice fairy anymore. She then tells him to take his happy ending and shove it. It’s all kinds of wonderful. But then he offers her rum, a peace offering, and they realize they’re not enemies.

In present-day Storybrooke, Hook offers to take on the Shadowman, but he can’t reach it since it’s hovering around in the rafters. They all look to Tink and her pixie dust, and she bravely steps out to face the Shadowman. She opens the vile, absorbs the dust, lights the candle with her mind, flies up and traps the Shadowman. She beams proudly and throws the magic coconut into the fire, destroying the Shadowman once and for all.

OUAT 311-3RIP Magic Coconut 

The Blue Fairy suddenly comes back to life because destroying the Shadowman returned her own shadow. (It’s a good thing they hadn’t buried her yet, eh?) Blue tells Tink that she can be a fairy again, because she’s definitely earned her wings. Then, for reasons I don’t quite understand, she hands Neal the Black Fairy’s wand, even though he was about as helpful as the pew they were hiding behind.

At Gold’s shop, Rumple puts a magic-quelling cuff on Pan’s body, then tells Henry that he’s going to go to sleep, then wake up in his own body, at which time he must promptly return the scroll to them. And not try to be a hero and ruin everything this time. Emma says, “Let’s go find our son,” and the gang files out. All except Rumple, who stays behind to have a heart-to-heart with his dear father.

Flash back to a pre-curse Storybrooke, when Henry was pouting at recess and Mary Margaret was trying to comfort him. He didn’t understand why everything was the same in the town except him, why his birth mother gave him up, or why Regina says she loves him when he doesn’t thinks he really does. Mary Margaret says that she found something new in her closet, which has never happened before, and gives it to him. It’s his story book, full of fairytales and, more importantly, hope. It was that moment when he started to see the people in the town for who they really were.

Flash forward again to present day. The town is following Granny, who is sniffing out Henry’s body, which should now have the correct personality inside it. When they find him, he hugs his moms and gives them the scroll. Emma turns to Regina and says that it’s up to her, now.

OUAT 311-4I screamed “KISS HER” at my screen more than ever this episode.

But as soon as she gets her hands on the scroll, she falls to the ground.

Meanwhile, in Gold’s shop, Pan is soliloquizing about how much he hated Rumple from birth. He finishes his speech by pointing out that he made the magic-quelling cuff and knows just how to remove it. He does so, putting it on his son’s wrist instead. Before he struts out, he tells Rumple that it’s too late, that his green smoke will soon cloud some minds and take some lives, and all Rumple will ever be is the village coward. Rumple flails around on the floor of his shop, trying to get the cuff off, when he sees a sword lying on the floor.

Outside, Regina comes to and says she knows what she has to do. But not before breathing Emma’s name like she’s the only other person in the world. Regina is telling Henry that he’s going to be okay, when suddenly Pan appears, begging to differ.

OUAT 311-5Family portrait!

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