The top 10 lesbian sex scenes on TV in 2013


2013 was a pretty remarkable year for lesbian relationships on TV. In fact, according to my scientific observations, I think we may have seen more lady-on-lady love this year than we did even when The L Word was on the air. So to celebrate Visibility  — and by “Visibility,” I mean “having eyeballs so you could enjoy these scenes fully” — here are the top 10 homosexy hook-ups of 2013.

10. Gail and Holly, Rookie Blue


Sometimes the best way to get a girl to stop talking around the fact that she’s into you is to just grab her and kiss her and make her stop talking, full stop. Probably they teach that at the police academy, but I’m giving that tip to you for free.

9. Stahma and Kenya, Defiance


There’s a part of me that harumphs every time I think about Kenya and Stahma together because why does Jaime Murray get to make out with everyone but Jo Kelly, huh? Helena and Myka belong together, Warehouse 13! But there’s another part of me that is still smitten as a kitten with the hookup(s) between the 5,000-year-old alien from the most patriarchally oppressive society in the galaxy and the brothel-owning mayor’s sister. We didn’t get to see the six-legged monkey-crawl, but one thing Nerdsbians and Gayliens do not lack is imagination.

8. Caroline and Kate, Last Tango in Hallifax


Technically Last Tango‘s lesbian hookup happened on December 18, 2012 — no, I don’t have it in my calendar; why do you ask? — but it was so late in the year, I missed my chance to add it to a countdown, so I’m adding it this year because it deserves to be celebrated. After one too many mixed signals, Caroline finally gave into her delirious attraction to Kate, and it was so worth the wait.

7. Piper and Alex, Orange Is the New Black


Sure, they’re more toxic for each other than cyanide popsicles, but good heavens, do they ever look good together. Plus, I think we all understand Piper’s dilemma. Who among us could resist Alex Vause’s swagger? I’m torn between shower sex and post-SCHUE sex. Maybe I should rewatch both scenes just to make sure I have the clear winner sorted out in my own head.

6. Callie and Arizona, Grey’s Anatomy


After so much pain and misery, you wondered if they might kill each other, Callie and Arizona finally bridged the gap left by Callie’s decision to amputate Arizona’s leg, and they made sweet, familiar, gay-married love to each other. It was sweet and it was super hot and it was what we’d been screaming at the TV for them to do for half a season. Less talking and more kissing indeed!

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