“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.12): I’ve Got the Wedding Bell Blues


Twelve episodes into the tenth season of Grey’s Anatomy and it’s already been a hell of a ride. As we head into the mid-season finale, we are left with so many questions. Will Meredith and Cristina break up, or dance it out? Will sweet, sweet lady loving save Calzona’s marriage? When did Leah go from being “The Worst Intern,” to someone we tolerated, then felt for, then wanted to cuddle with? (I know that is not just me.) Will Alex forgive his father? Will Bailey conquer her OCD? Why is Derek’s hair so shiny and beautiful? Like any good Grey’s episode, we will get a few answers and twice as many new questions to mull over during the hiatus.

Today might be April’s wedding day, but Cristina is starting it off as the center of attention: a position she ordinarily feels comfortable in. Yet today, in the midst of microphones, flashing cameras and the hum of reporters, she is not the confident Dr. Yang we’re used to seeing at this press conference being held because of her breakthrough surgery on little Nathan. Flanked by Owen and Ross, she shrinks under the pressure of potential failure and Ross steps in to pat her (and himself on the back).


Back in the game are Richard and Bailey, who are both on the OR boards again. Richard is feeling good, and ready to work. Bailey, is still not sold on the meds, but accepts it as a necessary evil. Things seem to be better on the home front for her as well.

After the press conference, Cristina takes the opportunity to school Ross about his…intensity. She tells him to go home, and that she’s worried that he’s burning himself out, to which he responds the way any logical person does.

“Ah yes, I see what you are saying. You look tense. You are wanting the sharksex, amiright?!”

Oh Ross. The lady is telling you to take a step back. A big one. She doesn’t need anyone to speak for her.

In the neuro research room, Callie and Derek are smiling like a couple of fucking geniuses, because they are in fact, fucking geniuses. Owen interrupts to tell Derek that the Presidential Initiative Board wants to meet with his giant brain. Callie calls dibs on Derek’s brain however. Owen double checks to make sure they are both attending April’s wedding. Well, of course!


You know who isn’t going to April’s wedding? Leah. And you know why? Because her tender heart can’t take seeing Arizona Robbins, dressed up like a beautiful wisp of cotton candy (I think April’s colors are Blush and Bashful) while she suffers in silence like a discarded State Fair corn dog.  Jo and Stephanie try to pipe in and warn Leah that this is “that thing” she always does, but Leah shuts them down.

Arizona, in a very chipper mood, runs into Alex and inquires about his father. Apparently Jimmy’s been bragging about him to the whole staff. Alex grimaces in his patented Alex way, but before they can get into it, a car screeches up to the ER doors. It’s a father and his young son who was hurt in a tractor accident. The father has moved the boy, which could actually have made his injury worse.

Meredith and Stephanie are hard at work making a new portal vein when Owen and a photographer come in to take a few pics of the printer. Meredith assumes they want her in the shots, but it turns out, it’s a focus on Yang. The two exchange icy looks.

April shows up, a vision with large curlers in her hair and literally runs into Jackson. She’s searching for her bridesmaids, two of which have not shown up for their dress fittings. She asks him if he’s going to be at the wedding, and he tells her he will be if she wants him to be. Well that’s settled. Nothing could possibly go wrong in this scenario.


Leah is on Bailey’s service and their patient is a young man who needs practically weekly surgeries to remove aggressive tumors on his larynx. So far he’s had 312 surgeries, and Leah is taken aback. Bailey gets the spark of inspiration and decides perhaps she can put an end to the young man’s misery with the magic of science. She will use cells from his tumor to try and develop a treatment to combat its effects. The patient is thrilled. Less so is Leah, who is dying to get into some surgeries. (Methinks she’s blowing off a little sexually frustrated steam.) She complains that she’s not getting enough opportunities to practice surgeries and that she deserves better than that. You go, Murphy. Bailey, fan of the direct approach, is amused by her rantings and tells her she’ll get her chance to see the OR. Leah will be heading up the surgery to extract the tumors for testing.


Jackson and Stephanie have a patient with some seriously bad breath. Like, not enough Altoids in the world, bad. The patient has an esophageal disorder that traps his food, and causes some nasty side effects. Jackson will perform surgery to close off the offending area, but first runs through a list of possible side effects, including potential voice loss, stroke and death. It’s our first Chekov’s gun of the evening! The patient, worried he will lose the ability to talk, starts saying all the things on his mind. For example, his wife has a righteous ass. Lolz, it was nice knowing you Bad Breath Guy.

April finds the new poster girl for innovation, Cristina Yang, being photographed in the hall and steals her away for her bridesmaidly duties. To her credit, Cristina doesn’t put up much of a fight. Elsewhere in a conference room, all the president’s men are trying to woo Derek to consult on their brain mapping project. They slide over a consulting fee offer, which they insist is huge (I’m sure it is fellas). Derek doesn’t even bother looking at it though, as baby Bailey bounces on his knee. Derek doesn’t give a damn about the money. He’s got a Mer/Der mansion, a hospital, a beautiful wife and two children. Money is not a motivating factor for McDreamy.


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