“Betrayal” recap (1.9): It’s Just You and Me Now


If you’ve been keeping up with ABC’s scandalous drama Betrayal, you know that since the time we were introduced to Sofia Black D’Elia’s character Jules, Drew Stratford (Chris Johnson) and a team of feds had Thatcher Karsten (James Cromwell) bugged, hoping to catch the invincible Chicago man in one of his many crooked schemes. Only Drew Stratford repeated words overheard in Thatcher Karsten’s office to his wife Sara (Hannah Ware)—who obliviously passed what he said on to her secret lover Jack McAllister (Stuart Townshend), the Karsten in-house attorney. Jack locates the office bug and terminates Drew’s plan to expose the Karsten family, but the dominoes have begun to fall—because after weeks of Drew suspecting something was amiss, the Jack-Sara affair is now totally out of the bag to everyone.

Also, in case you were keeping count (because I know I was), it’s been five long episodes since we last witnessed Jules’ budding relationship with Valerie (Elizabeth McLaughlin), Jack’s daughter. Thankfully, our wait was over on Sunday night’s newest episode. And damn—it was worth it.


But before we dive in and talk about the multiple Juleria kisses (yes, multiple)—it’s important to give props to Jack for disclosing more about his life to Sara, including a tidbit about his daughter Val and her attraction to “folk music and lesbian computer nerds.” Thank you, Jack. You’re a cool dad (especially since you finally up and left Karsten Ally.) And your wife Elaine actually has the best situation of everyone—she now gets to revenge-romp around with Aiden “the 29 year old wine guy.”

Cut to Jules and Val hanging at the park in the rain. Val is conducting a little research on the girl her dad is shacking up with while Jules is playing fetch with her dog George.

Jules: If you and I are gonna get serious about this, you gotta get serious about George, OK? He’s part of the deal.


But just before dog adoption papers can be drawn up, Jules is reacquainted with a mysterious blonde named Delphine, who Jules just so happens to have a hard time recognizing in “the light of day.” You guys, she’s totally referring to hooking up, am I right? Jules suddenly jets, leaving her new lover and her what-appears-to-be ex-lover to hash things out.

Delphine: You guys together?
Val: Yeah.
Delphine: Watch out. She’s a wild ride. As soon as she’s got you, she’s bored. Broke a lot of hearts in my crowd.
Val: Why are you telling me this?

Girl better step off. Back at the McAllister compound where Elaine and Aiden the Wine Guy are finishing up their sexy brunch, Jules meets Aiden who seems awfully interested in her job at Karsten Ally, to which she gives up the details we’ve been pining for.

Jules: I’m a Pisces, I grew up in Tampa, and I like long walks in the park.


Speaking of fishes out of water, Sara and Jack escape town to avoid real life—you know, divorce and custody papers, darting the FBI. They find themselves at a wedding in the woods with pot cookies and smiley people. Not too bad. Back in town, Aiden is still courting Elaine on their never-ending date, and it appears the guy’s got a few secrets of his own that he isn’t sharing. He’s working with the FBI, and his assignment is to get info out of Elaine. But he’s also hot on the tail of Jules, who he describes as a “radical” with a long history of computer hacking and general troublemaking. Is it just me or does Aiden suddenly strike a resemblance to another dark horse on television, Mr. Ezra Fitch of Pretty Little Liars?


Nighttime brings Val over to Jules’ apartment, having been spooked by Delphine into breaking up with Jules. Val tells her mom Elaine about the sort-of breakup. (Sometimes it’s just hard to tell if it’s off or on with us lezzies!) Of course Val’s afraid to have her heart broken, but mom basically tells her to go for it. Good thing—because Jules beats her to the chase and shows up to get her back. After giving Val her ring and promising she won’t cheat, lie or force her to love her dog George, the girls make up and make out, backed by swoony music and the promise of an empty house. Major sigh. I think it’s safe to say they finally got their big date after all.

BetrayalValandJules3 BetrayalRing1 BetrayalValandJules4

You won’t have to worry about another long break. Next Sunday’s Betrayal will feature more Jules and Val—and hopefully more making out (gasp!) Among the crooked behavior in a city with chilly lakes and deep pockets, there’s no telling who’s relationship will end up on top or at the bottom—but for this week, Jules and Val take the cake.

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