“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.10): Homecoming


Previously on Once Upon A Time, we spent ten hundred years in Neverland and finally made it home in good old Storybrooke…but we have a stowaway.

We open on bright, sunny Storybrooke and Belle is leading Ariel to where Gold had told her Prince Eric worked. When they find him, Eric is slicing fish like the French chef from the movie and Ariel is nervous to approach him.

OUAT 310-1

Fortunately, he’s excited to see her and they kiss. Which I imagine will be important later otherwise I’m not sure what this scene is doing here. While Belle pats herself on the back for a job well done, she looks up and sees the Jolly Roger sail out of the sky and land in Storybrooke.

As the crew steps into the sunlight, they are greeted by hugs and cheers from the whole town (except Ruby). Alas, there are no hugs for Regina. She just sadfaces in the back.

After the Lost Boys exit the ship, out comes Wendy, still in her nightgown and bathrobe. John and Michael, though now fully grown, hug their little big sister and it’s a lovely family reunion.

David and Mary Margaret are rejoicing that he didn’t spontaneously combust like Hook’s brother did, when suddenly Mary Margaret shouts out for everyone to thank Regina, too, because they couldn’t have done it without her.

We flash back to a time where the two women didn’t get along quite so well. It’s Snow White and Prince Charming’s wedding day, the day Evil Queen Regina swore to destroy their happiness.

OUAT 310-2“I love this dress so much I think I’ll name my first child after it.” 

Snow is raging about Regina, but Charming tries to calm her down and convinces her to go on their honeymoon anyway. When Grumpy gets Snow alone and asks if that’s really the best idea, Snow tells him not to worry, she plans on multitasking and making this a romantic AND productive vacation.

In Storybrooke, Henry-Pan (that is to say, Pan in Henry’s body) throws Felix under the bus, reminding everyone that he should probably be locked up, muttering under his breath to Felix that it’s just so they trust him. The next order of business is locking Pandora’s Box up tight under a floorboard in Gold’s shop using a spell that only Rumple himself can break.

After everyone clears out, Belle asks Rumple what he wants to do now that he’s not so dead after all, and he says that all he knows is that he wants to be with her. I thought for sure he was about to propose ,but they just looked longingly into each others’ eyes.

There’s a welcome home party at Granny’s for the gang, at which Emma presents Henry-Pan with his big book of fairytales. When there isn’t so much as a flash of recognition, Emma starts to get suspicious that something is up.

Across the diner, Regina leads Tinkerbell over to Blue, and Regina orders her to give Tink her wings back. Blue scoffs and says 1) She doesn’t take orders from Regina anymore and 2) if Tink doesn’t even believe in herself enough to get a tiny vial of pixie dust to work, why should Blue believe in her?

OUAT 310-3How can you say no to that face? At least give her a RedBull.

Flash back to Fairytale land, where Snow White takes Charming to her “summer palace” that was just lying around, unused. Charming tries to remove Snow’s cloak but she says not so fast. He goes out to stable the horses and Snow reveals that she had been wearing her fighting clothes. She straps some weapons to her back and hops out the window. She doesn’t get very far, however, before running into Charming, who knew exactly what she was up to. She asks him how he knew and he tells her that she is literally the worst liar ever.

Snow admits that she is on the hunt for a legend she heard about once called Medusa. Snow wants to cut off her head and turn Regina to stone. Charming knows it’s useless to try to stop her, so he says he’s coming with.

OUAT 310-4

In Storybrooke, when Emma tells Henry-Pan it’s time for bed, he asks to stay with Regina instead. I was really hoping he was going to suggest they all just live together, but alas. Emma looks suspiciously after them as though maybe her human lie detector superpower isn’t totally broken after all.

At Casa Mills, Henry-Pan asks Regina about her vault and her magic. She thinks it’s a little weird that he’s asking questions he knows the answers to, but chalks it up to PTSD and promises she’ll protect him no matter what. She tucks him in, but as soon as she’s out of sight, he hops out of bed and whispers creepily out his window, causing Shadowman to transform from the (unattended) magic sail to fly right into the heart of Storybrooke.

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