“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.11): Less Talkin’, More Kissin’


It’s a typical day at Sloan Grey Memorial. Derek and Callie are getting ready to have people move things with their minds. Meredith and Stephanie are shearing a sheep. (Portal vein test subject number one), and Ross and Cristina are having sex. *record scratch* Wait, what?! Apparently she did not hear us all yelling at our television screens in the last episode. Well, it turns out Ross has some mad skills. Good for Cristina, I guess.

Arizona and Callie are West Winging it, walking down halls and talking. Things are still a bit frosty, especially with Callie tries to get out of April’s shower (I get it Callie, it was a terrible movie). They both walk past Leah who bids them hello in her best, professional not-at-all-heartbroken way. Stephanie and Jo give her props for keeping it together, when she clearly wants to scream right there at the nurses station.


Of course Ross interrupts them to offer them a seat in the big surgery. Steph assumes he’s talking about her surgery with Meredith and the sheep. Nope, Ross is talking about Cristina’s surgery on the conduit baby. Today’s also the day that Richard is finally getting out of hospital. As he is wheeled out, he thanks Bailey for all her help and healing. At Owen’s request, psychiatric Doctor Alma, played by Ileana Douglas, is shadowing her. Did I mention Bailey is trying to lose her like a bad, one night stand?

Nearby at the most awful/awesome brunch ever, April and Matthew are joined by her three sisters. Grey’s is always pretty terrific in the casting department, but this right here, is genius. The actresses not only look like they could be related to April, but they also get that older sister-torture/banter perfectly. They ooh and ahh about how adorable Matthew is, while telling “Duckie” (April’s childhood nickname) how lucky she is. When the sisters spy Jackson walking through the door, talk turns to him, much to Matthew and April’s chagrin. April decides to follow Jackson and head out to the hospital, asking Matthew to corral her sisters for her. That man has the patience of a saint. However the Kepler ladies have other ideas. They want to tag along with April at the hospital.


Back at the hospital, Jo gets a page from the nurse’s station. Alex’s dad, Jimmy, is back and going through withdrawal. He asks for Jo’s help detoxing. Before she can toss him out, he faints.

As Jackson and Matthew exit the restaurant, they get stuck talking to each other. It’s as awkward as you’d expect, and they try to distract themselves by chatting about coffee. Right in front of them, two men get into a fight over a cab. The douchey guy ends up stealing the cab and unwittingly catching the other man’s tie in the door. The cab drives away, dragging the man with it. Jackson and Matthew rush to help him, but when Jackson has to do a little crowd control, Matthew takes things into his own hands. He whips out a pen knife and cuts into the guys throat, then inserts a straw. It works, but Jackson is horrified at the crude method.

The conduit baby’s parents are hesitant once they find out that his surgery will be filmed and livestreamed. Also in dismay is Cristina, who was not aware of this either. She stands slack jawed as Owen and Ross try to talk them into it. Cristina reassures them that her focus will not waiver. Outside the room, Cristina launches into the guys. It turns out that Ross is the force behind all this. Sharkie, you have some serious balls, man. Luckily for him, Owen agrees.

In Callie and Derek’s lab, the test patient Becca is struggling to move the robotic arm. Her husband John tries to be encouraging but she snaps at him, and he leaves the room. She gets more and more frustrated, even snapping at Derek when he tries to help.


Owen assists Jo with Jimmy, recommending fluids and methadone. Jimmy refuses the methadone, wanting to go cold turkey. Jo tries to explain the delicate situation and how Jimmy shouldn’t be there at all, but Owen tells her that as one of his surgeons, she needs to continue to act as his doctor. When Owen leaves, Bailey chases him down. She explains that she doesn’t need any supervision, but Owen and Dr. Alma disagree that she is cleared for surgery. Bailey tries to bargain with her.

April takes her sisters on a tour of the hospital, where they bump into Arizona. The chipper factor officially goes through the roof. The girls all know about Arizona because April talks about her all the time. I kind of love that. I can hear it now….”My friend Arizona, she has the bounciest hair. My friend Arizona survived a plane crash and can’t handle her champagne. My friend Arizona has one leg!” They want to make sure she’s going to be at the shower, which of course she is! Then April’s sister (the drunk one who is my favorite) brings up her three-legged cat, and commends Arizona for her bravery. If April could vaporize into a cloud of mortification right then, she would. Just as April is about the head out with her sisters, Jackson and Matthew arrive with the cab accident victim. The two men are fighting over Matthew’s procedure, when April steps in. She sends Matthew away to deal with her sisters.

Jo has the unpleasant task of telling Alex that his dad has been admitted. He immediately wants him tossed out, but Jo tells him that she can’t do that. Alex rushes into his father’s room, ready to throw him out, but the obviously sick old man greets him. He tells Alex that since the night that Alex punched him out, he’s been trying to get himself together.


Callie and Derek commiserate over Becca’s failure to move the robotic arm. All the sensors are working right, so they determine it’s all in Becca’s head. Derek worries that he’s not saying the right things to motivate her.

Bailey and Dr. Alma strike up a deal. If Bailey can perform a simple suture procedure in the lab without exhibiting OCD behaviors, then Dr. Alma will clear her for surgery. Bailey assumes it’s going to be a piece of cake until Dr. Alma scatters the instruments and sets all the stringent guidelines.


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