One easy way for “Glee” not to eff up Heather Morris’ return


Yesterday, every lesbian’s frenemy Ryan Murphy announced via Twitter that all of Glee‘s original cast has been invited back for the 100th episode, and just a few minutes ago he sent the #GaySharks internet into a flaming frenzy when he confirmed that Heather Morris will be  involved in the anniversary extravaganza.

Look, I know and you know and everyone in all the galaxies knows that Glee hasn’t always done right by Brittany S. Pierce, and especially they haven’t done right by Brittana fans. But we’re nothing if not gluttons for punishment forgiving, so we’re throwing ourselves back into the lion’s den show, head first, in the hopes that this time will be the time the writers don’t punch is in the throats. I mean, how hard can it be for them to treat us right just this one time? Sam has moved on with Nurse Penny. And yeah, Santana is in a relationship with Demi Lovato, but all they do is sit on a couch and watch Kurt and/or Rachel panic about things, so it’s not that serious.

Actually, now that we think about it, there’s one very easy way Glee could not eff up Brittany’s return to the show. How long has she been gone? Trick question! The space-time continuum doesn’t work properly in Lima! I think she’s been gone just long enough to return with the news that she left because she was pregnant with Santana’s baby and she panicked because she didn’t know if Santana was ready to be a mom. But guess what? She totally is!

brittana-baby-1 brittana-baby-2 brittana-baby-3 brittana-baby-4

Don’t tell me that’s anymore unrealistic than 85 percent of the other razzmatazz Glee asks us to believe every week.

Anyway, Ryan Murphy, here is a free idea for you! You’re welcome!

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