“Last Tango in Halifax” recap (2.3): Reactions and Revelations


Last week on Last Tango in Halifax, we witnessed Gillian losing her shit, Kate and Caroline discussing the worst baby plans, and Gillian’s son Raff having a very sudden child with his teenage girlfriend. This child now appears to be mainly taken care of by the great-grandparents, as we start off the third episode of the series with Alan and his best buds Harry and Maurice hanging around the pub with the wee one. Harry, funnily enough, happens to be the other great-grandfather, and this scene is great because scenes with these three are always great.

2lasttango3screencap1“Harry calls her Foo Foo Tinkerbell or something. But he’s an idiot.”

Celia has popped over to Caroline’s to get a few things, where she chats with Kate and hilariously ignores every question John asks, while he hovers around in the background, anxiously wanting to know about Gillian. Celia reports that Raff and girlfriend Ellie, both currently living at Gillian’s with the baby, appear almost frightened of their child, and haven’t even named it yet. She asks Kate what she would name a child if she were to have one, and we suddenly watch Kate talk more than we’ve ever seen her talk before, as she lists off baby girl names rapid fire, like it’s the only topic she’s ever thought about in her life. Her face lights up and my heart aches.

2lasttango3screencap2 “Flora, Jasmine, Poppy, Grace, Rosie, Rosalind.”

She’s on such a roll that she ends her naming spree by letting it slip that it would all depend on what Caroline thinks, of course. Celia, bless her heart, seems utterly confuzzled on how two ladies would have a baby. She continues on that she can’t believe Caroline would ever want to go through all that again, at her age. Kate looks down, saying sadly, “No.”


John then rings Gillian, and she picks up, even though she’s standing in the middle of a pen of sheep. John tells her that she’s essentially been his muse, as he’s started writing again, in the super creative writerly way of writing a “fictional” story about people in his real life, with Gillian at the center of it. She says, “That’s swell, John, but no thanks to a date, bye bye.”


Harry and Alan come home to find the teens who are super ready for parenting playing video games, and when Harry forcibly turns the game off and yells about how they shouldn’t have gotten pregnant, Raff throws his controller and storms to his room.


Raff, understandably, is not having the best time of his life right now. Alan goes to his room to comfort him in a tear-jerking scene, where Raff’s whole body shakes in sobs, the way you do when you’re really scared. He finally falls onto his granddad’s chest, as Alan affectionately and sadly rubs his back.


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