“Chicago Fire” recap (2.9): “Make it up to you”


Previously on Chicago Fire, Boden reneged on his deal with the devil. Mouch lost the election to Greg Sullivan but kept just enough dirt in his back pocket to use to help save 51. Severide met his long-lost half sister. Cruz and Leon made a deal with Detective Hairporn for Leon to go undercover with his old gang (an actual gang, not like the Rat Pack). He also made a deal with Zoya to get married so she wouldn’t have to go back to Russia. Dawson continued to be the worst friend as Shay spiraled out of control. Oh yeah she made out with Casey, too. Finally, Devon stole everything in the ShayverOtis apartment so she could afford a pair of pants.

We open this episode with the lovely sight of Gabriela Dawson lying in bed. And then Casey lies down next to her. She’s nervous that he wants to leave without a healthy breakfast and he assures her that he’s not going to scurry out the door. He messed up a year ago and says “this is our time, now.” He’ll be dead in a week.

Joe is stalking Leon from his truck. Leon is wearing his tough guy pants and standing on a street corner. He tells Joe that he can’t be there but Joe wants to check in and let Leon know he’s getting married to Zoya. Leon says, “Cool! I used to play the Legend of Zoya back in the day.” Before they can get this sorted out, Joe gets pushed into an alley by a sketchy, bearded dude who is actually a cop. Holy crap! It’s Duncan from Some Kind of Wonderful! Now if we can just find Watts maybe she can sort Shay out.

At the ShayverOtis apartment, Otis is using the TV remote to watch some SportsCenter. Nope. He forgot he doesn’t have television anymore thanks to the pantless bandit. He asks Severide if they have heard from the cops or the insurance company and Shay pops up from a staircase I didn’t know existed to say she’s, like, totally on it. Severide asks her to come back to 51 and she says “no, you have to graduate high school sometime.” We get it Shay, Firehouse 51 and high school are both the lands of crushes on straight girls who break your heart. Here’s hoping your new house is like a women’s college full of lesbians.

CF 2091

Dawson arrives at 51 with coffee for her new buddy Chout. But Chout is out and McAuley is in. McAuley is the guy who always sees the worst. You had a cold? He’s got a story about the time he had ebola. You broke your arm? He has a story about the time he was in traction for six months. Dawson offers him a coffee and he spills it all over himself. He then wrings his hands and moans about how life is unfair and how he’ll never be the same again.

Dawson bounces out of the locker room to find Casey strapped to the gurney in the back of the ambulance. He’s got plans to get the rig rocking. A minute later the alarm sounds, McAuley hops in the rig and starts bitching about Dawson being missing. As they start to pull out so does Casey. He hops out of the back of the rig and fixes his pants. Apparently, Casey is a minuteman.

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