The first “Pretty Little Liars” winter premiere photos are here!


Did you know we are less than five weeks away from the Pretty Little Liars winter premiere? Santa who? All I want for Christmas is more Emily Fields swaggering around in plaid and denim! When we left the Liars at Halloween, they’d just discovered that the dead best friend whose murder they’ve been investigating for four seasons isn’t actually dead. According to the official synopsis of episode 4.14, “Who’s In the Box?”, the Liars are taking their sleuthing to the next level to figure out what the actual hell with the very alive Alison DiLaurentis.

In case you missed it, here’s a sneak peek of the winter premiere that aired during Ravenswood this fall. In it, Mona asks Hanna if she wants a ride (if you know what she means, and I think by now we all do).

And yesterday, Pretty Little Liars‘ official Facebook posted some promo photos from the upcoming episode.

1460942_10151793614095233_603123036_n“What? Aria can wear bird feathers as earrings, but I can’t wear a blazer made of Muppets?”

1451501_10151793614090233_1165828386_n“I mean, remember that time she wore a messenger bag as a dress?”

1470112_10151793614200233_963111536_n“It’s fine, Hanna. Spencer’s cardigan is clearly made out of her nana’s couch.”

1455189_10151793614180233_1041168834_n“Mrs. D, have you heard of Emison shippers? They want me to be with Alison?”

1425747_10151793614265233_1688250164_n“Are you effing kidding me? You are heaven and that girl was a monster.”

And, as an added bonus, here’s a peek at the upcoming black and white noir episode.

Pretty Little Liars - Episode 4.21 - She's Come Undone - First Look Promotional Photo_595_slogo

While I have you here, I also want to tell you Pretty Little Liars scribe Joseph Dougherty has released another Paily-themed novella in Amazon worlds. And it is awesome.

How stoked are you for the new season of PLL?

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