“Generation Cryo” recap (1.2): Cryo banks and morality


Last week on the premiere of Generation Cryo, we were introduced to Breeanna, a 17-year-old Nevadan with two lesbian moms who’s on a mission to meet both her sperm donor and the half-siblings she’s discovered through a website called Donor Sibling Registry. It’s the half-sibling part of this show—or “half-sibs,” as Bree refers to them—that’s the actual heart of it, and in Episode Numero Uno, we watched Bree fly across the country to meet Jonah and Hilit in Atlanta.

Episode Numero Dos starts in more of a whirlwind fashion. First, we see Bree graduating from high school. Aw, proud lesbian moms!


Bree then dashes off to LA, starting her summer vacation of meeting all the half-sibs she can. In LA, we meet Jesse and Jayme, who are the children of a single mother, Janis. Hilit and Jonah also fly in to join them. Hilit, Jonah, Jesse, and Jayme have actually known each other since they were small, as they were some of the first people to connect through the Donor Sibling Registry. Bree has also heard back about the DNA sample she took from Jonah last episode, but she’s waiting to look at it until they are all together. Half-sib DNA LA par-tay!

The situation around the dinner table in Jesse and Jayme’s house is much different than the atmosphere at Hilit and Jonah’s. Janis simply wanted kids and couldn’t find a suitable partner to do it with her, so she did it on her own. She’s always wanted to know who the sperm donor was, as did her kids. There’s no second parent that the donor could be seen to be “replacing” here, as Hilit and Jonah’s dad worried about, so it seems simpler. Although still, let’s take a minute to honor Janis for raising two kids on her own. You go, Mama.

Once the DNA results get busted out, however, it turns out that it’s not a total half-sib party, because Hilit is very uncomfortable with the whole thing. She leaves the room while they search online for who the best possible match might be and send an email to him. The email soon turns out to be a bummer, though, as the man replies that he hasn’t donated sperm and can’t help them. As Bree says, “That was a total boner kill email.”

Janis suggests another way—simply going to the cryobank and asking. So Bree, Jayme, and Jesse hold a meeting with a worker who is surprisingly friendly, where she explains they can send a letter to the donor requesting info, and they just have to wait to see what he says.


Hilit and Jonah, who have no desire to meet the donor, hang back and get ice cream and have an interesting conversation in which Hilit presses Jonah on why he’s so cool with this, and he asks her why she’s not. Jonah explains that he views it all as just helping out a friend, since Bree wants this so badly. Hilit says, but if it becomes real, then it’s NOT just helping out a friend, because it will inherently affect them, too, even if they don’t want to be affected. Jonah takes this in, more somber now, and agrees.


And then boom, Bree is off to Boston. My one complaint about this episode is that it feels like it goes way too fast. I liked watching Bree bond with Jonah and Hilit last week, but now, it feels like we hardly even get to see Jesse and Jayme in LA. But Boston holds big promise for Bree: she has FIVE half-sibs there, from three different families. The one we get to spend the most time with in this episode is yet another Jesse, who greets her at the airport. So many hugs at airports in this show! They could make a Love Actually montage.


They walk around the Common and Public Gardens, Bree rocking some lesbian butch chic, Jesse rocking the skinny Boston Jewish boy look. He shares some of his family background, which is perhaps the most complicated of all so far: he’s a cryo baby, but his younger sister isn’t. His parents tried for four years to have a baby before resorting to a donor for him, and were about to do the same for his sister, when suddenly, miraculously, they conceived. This creates a weird divide in his family, as he clearly feels singled out for being the weird donor baby while his sister isn’t. He mentions that a cousin once called him a bastard.



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