Meet the lesbian exes of “The Real World: Ex-Plosion”



When The Real World returns to San Francisco this January, there’s an added twist: The housemates will be paired up with an ex. So instead of seven strangers, living in a house, it’s 14 all-too-familiar faces. The resident lesbian couple is Arielle and Ashley, and we have some intel on them for you from the press release that just came out:

Arielle – Oakland, CA

A rough childhood, and a short stint in foster care, did not keep Arielle from completing her degree at UC Berkeley in Oakland, California. Originally from Vallejo, California and now a Bay Area native, Arielle has had her hands in a little bit of everything from filmmaker to modeling and various startup businesses. Arielle has commitment issues, as she can’t seem to stay in a steady relationship especially with her ex-girlfriend Ashley. Intense flirting, dancing and clubbing has held her back from committing to her ex but she doesn’t mind hooking up with Ashley from time to time as long as it’s on her terms. Sharing is not completely the issue, as Ashley does not mind adding a third party to their sexual soiree. Will Arielle settle down with Ashley once she moves in or will Arielle continue to have issues with commitment?

Arielle (left) and Ashley


Ashley C. – San Francisco, CA (Arielle’s Ex)

Madly in love with Arielle, Ashley’s, a San Francisco local, main goal upon moving into the Real World house is to give her relationship with Arielle another try. Ashley currently works in the restaurant industry. Arielle and Ashley broke up numerous times due to dishonesty and betrayal that Ashley could no longer deal with. Their most recent break up was not caused by Arielle being disloyal but when Arielle decided to leave Ashley high and dry and move back into her parent’s house.  Despite their rocky relationship history, this Bay Area native wants to settle down with her ex in hopes of eventually getting married to Arielle. Once Ashley moves into the house will she get the commitment she been waiting for?

I spy kissing! We already have an interview in the can with Ari, so you’ll be getting to know her soon. In the meantime, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. The show premieres Wednesday, January 15 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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