“The Returned” recap (1.5): Zombies Stick Together


This episode opens seven years in the past with an angry Toni leaving the farmhouse. He yells,”Why did you let him out!?!” as his mother follows closely behind. He jumps in his truck and as he drives Serge is already stalking a victim in the Underpass of Death. Luckily, the woman’s boyfriend arrives and Serge retreats to the shadows. Unfortunately Julie is not so lucky and we witness her horrible attack once again. Toni runs into the underpass and finds his brother suckling and biting Julie’s open wound. In horror he hits Serge in the head with a crowbar and puts Julie into the flatbed of his truck. He leaves her at the garage entrance to the Emergency Unit of the hospital and drives off.


Back at the farmhouse, Toni buries Serge who regains consciousness. This doesn’t stop Toni and he whacks Serge with his shovel to quiet his cries for his mother who listens from the house. Man, I wouldn’t want to mess with Toni. He is hardcore when it comes to completing a task.


Back to present day, Lena lies in bed at the farmhouse. Serge open her hospital gown and stares at her wound like it is a Grand Slam Breakfast at Denny’s. Before he can dig in Lena’s cellphone rings and he rushes outside to answer it. Frederic asks if Lena can hear him as Serge holds the phone and eventually hangs up. He then sits outside and watches Lena sleep through the window until a persistent Frederic sends her a text. Serge rises, grabs an axe and destroys the phone. I hope she has a good wireless replacement plan.


Camille, who is dressed exactly like Lena, waits for Frederic outside school. As they walk she tells him that Lena was telling the truth and she is different. She jokingly admits to being a vampire and lunges at him. He then quickly ditches her, much to Camille’s disappointment.


Sandrine talks to Pierre in the doorway to his office. She is looking for Victor and Ms Costa, both are missing from the shelter. Cut to the pair walking to the diner where she witnessed Simon go medieval on the bolo tie-wearing waiter. After Ms Costa suggests Victor order the burger, they sit and chat about being zombies. Victor wonders why his parents didn’t return as well and Ms Costa suggests that maybe they are looking for him. When she asks if he knows Pierre some how, Victor falls silent. She tells him no one can hurt them now which causes him to ask if they have the ability to hurt others. I think that question has already been answered when Ms. Payet became cat food.

At the dam, the lowered water level has revealed what appears to be a steeple to a stone church. Meanwhile, Adele is speaking to a group children including her daughter, Chloe, at the library and asks them what can be found in the lake. She teaches them about how the steeple is part of the remnants of a previous town that was flooded when the old dam broke. As the children ask questions, she is distracted by Simon who appears outside the room. Her attention snaps back when she thinks she hears Chloe ask why Simon killed himself. Adele asks her to repeat the question and Chloe asks how the dam broke. Adele then stares into space until Her daughter asks if she is alright. She says yes and fakes a smile. It’s so embarrassing when your crazy Mom ruins your class trip by going catatonic for a bit.


A team of scuba divers explore the ruins under the lake. Suddenly they look up to see the corpses of animals floating in the water.


Claire is on the phone as Camille makes a snack. She has received word about Lena’s escape. When Claire brings up Frederic as a possible person she could be with, Camille asks her if she knows if they have been intimate. She walks off in a huff when her mother has no dirt to share on their relationship. Back at the farmhouse, Serge sits and stares at Lena as she sleeps until he hears the sound of Toni’s truck pulling up to the house. He quickly shuts the bedroom door and meets his brother outside to receive his delivery of food. Toni comes inside and as he talks to Serge, Lena awakens in pain. She passes out and falls off the bed then Toni tries to enter the room. He thinks his mom has returned and Serge plays along. Freaked out and thinking his mom doesn’t want to see him, Toni stumbles back to his truck and drives off. I probably would have checked the room if I knew my brother had a tendency to stab and snack on women, but I guess Toni isn’t too swift.


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