The “Bomb Girls” movie is coming!


Greetings Ms. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea (looking at you, H.M.S. McAndrews). We interrupt your previously scheduled fangirling to bring you the following special announcement: THE BOMB GIRLS MOVIE IS GOING INTO PRODUCTION RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT.


When Global TV cancelled the beloved (and award-winning) Canadian drama, we were heartbroken. And when they promised us a movie to tie up loose storylines, many of us greeted the news like hearing an ex promise that we could “still hang out,” which is to say: yeah fucking right. But just this once it would seem our pessimism was unfounded, because Gabe Grey keeps tweeting about re-applying the schellac to his hair, and Ali Liebert emailed me to say she is “in training.” (In training for what? I CAN’T TELL YOU BUT IT IS EXCITING.)

Here’s what we know from Global’s press release:

Bomb Girls -The Movie takes viewers back to Spring 1943, as the Battle for the Atlantic rages and an Axis victory seems inevitable. German U-boats patrol the ocean picking off ships, destroying much needed supplies and inflicting heavy casualties. The one hope the Allies have – production of newly developed sonar equipment – is moved to Victory Munitions when the British factories are bombed. Then, in the darkest hour of the war, a new and disturbing menace appears – a saboteur among the factory workers.

Bomb Girl Gladys Witham (Balfour), a fiery young woman from privilege, is covertly recruited by Allied Intelligence to find the traitor on the new line. But she must spy on her best friends, coworkers and fellow agents, calling into question everyone and everything she has come to trust.

“The original cast is excited to be reunited and continue this amazing story of the bomb girls and their fierce commitment to the war effort and each other,” says executive producer Adrienne Mitchell.


Gladys Hastings-Witham, immaculately hatted crusader of justice, is coming back to us. And so is our best friend, our champion, Betty McRae.

I will be interviewing the amazing Ms. Liebert early next week, and I promise to dig for all the information I can. Until then, keep calm and DON’T THROW THINGS.

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