“Wentworth” (1.9) recap: Dance Party Fun Times


Hello there, cellmates.  After last week’s traumatic episode, we’re overdue for something light, don’t you think?  All the inmates chasing after a magical emu, perhaps.

wentworth9.1 Or yeah, a silly dance party will do nicely.


So maybe Debbie isn’t dead.  She just ODd a little, and it’ll probably teach her a good lesson about the dangers of drugs and boys with gel in their hair.

wentworth9.2Wait, what are you doing.  YOU STAY AWAY FROM OUR PARTY, ERICA.


wentworth9.4We’re gonna need some backup.

Like many of you, the first time I saw Debbie fall down on that bed, I thought she might still survive.  I thought the same thing at the end of the Buffy episode “I Was Made to Love You,” which directly precedes “The Body” and ends with a shot of Joyce, pale and lifeless.  I bring up that painful memory because it’s the highest praise I can offer in comparison as a portrayal of grief.  I’d say this one comes in second, only because it is sorely lacking in the “Tara and Willow kissing” department.

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