Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (September 8, 2006)

TNT’s new paramedics drama Saved, has developed its supporting lesbian paramedic character Angela de la Cruz (Tracy Vilar) better than I expected this season. But the writers reverted to boring cliches in this week’s finale, when Angela invited her Mormon male co-worker to dinner with her and her girlfriend. In TV land, this can only lead to one thing: The Sperm Donor Conversation, whereupon an attractive lesbian couple wine and dine a clueless coworker/friend/guy they picked at a party and try and convince him to be their baby’s daddy. And surprise, surprise, that’s exactly what happened (the Saved co-worker is still thinking it over).

Yes, this is the exact same storyline we saw in 1996 on NYPD Blue, and a similar one has run on The L Word. And ER. And Queer as Folk. And The Wire. And…you get the point. Maybe Saved’s writers thought the storyline was original because paramedics wear different uniforms than cops, doctors, art curators, and lawyers.

Memo to TV writers: lesbians do other things besides procreate! Like roll their eyes at annoying, lazy, and completely unoriginal lesbian TV storylines…

There are no lesbian contestants on the upcoming racially-divided Survivor: Cook Islands, according to CBS’s PR department, and America’s Next Top Model‘s PR folks are staying mum on the topic (thanks Richard!). If any readers know of openly gay/bi contestants on the new season of Top Model, let me know at

At least we have Lauren on the upcoming season of CBS’s The Amazing Race (Sep 17th); too bad she’ll probably get eliminated quickly, since 1) father-daughter teams haven’t historically done very well on the show; and 2) only gay men are allowed to win reality shows, not lesbians. Unless it’s Hell’s Kitchen.

Mia Riverton To promote their Asian American indie film Red Doors, which opens in New York today, and in L.A. and San Francisco on September 22nd, the producers held a contest this week to win a date to the premiere with bisexual actress/producer Mia Riverton (who plays a lesbian in the movie). The contest was open to anyone who sent in a ticket stub for the movie, and they explicitly invited men and women to apply, with the winner chosen by random draw earlier this week. Around 30% of the entries they received were from women, and the ultimate winner was a lesbian: Doria Biddle, the producer and co-host of the Frank DeCaro Show on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Those of you who don’t get to attend the premiere with Mia can check the official website to find out when it’s coming to a theater near you.

Today we announced our new "Where Were You When Ellen Came Out" contest, which celebrates the release of Ellen Season 4 on DVD at the end of the month. Check out the details here!

Amelie Mauresmo has triumphed over several competitors–including Serena Williams–to advance to the semifinals of the U.S. Open.

Semi-out actress Sara Gilbert (Roseanne, Twins) has signed on for a multi-episode arc on the new CBS sitcom The Class. If it lasts that long.

Storm Large was eliminated from CBS’s Rock Star this week, but not before performing an original song called "Ladylike" that made many a lesbian swoon–and many a straight women ponder switching teams, at least temporarily. Watch her perform on Ellen’s talk show on Monday.

On a recent episode of Showtime’s Weeds, caustic suburban mom Celia (Elizabeth Perkins) discovered her 13-year-old daughter Isabelle kissing another girl, and told her, "You cannot become a lesbian just because you don’t want to lose weight."

FX has bought the rights to create a U.S. version of the hit British women’s prison drama Bad Girls. Let’s hope they don’t muck up the lesbian storylines as badly as they have the gay one on Rescue Me this season.

Survivor Vanuatuthe one with lesbians Ami and Scout–will be released on DVD on October 24th.

A new season of HBO’s The Wire starts this weekend (Sep 10th). Now you have 13 more episodes to completely ignore.

Marcia Cross and new husband Tom just announced they’re expecting a baby in April, which should put to rest those pesky lesbian rumors about Marcia. Oh, wait–according to TV writers, all lesbians do is get pregnant. So really, this proves nothing. Nevermind!

That’s it for this week! Check back next Friday for a new installment of Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. or read past installments here.

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