15 lesbian-themed Halloween costume ideas

13. Betty McRae (World War II riveter!)


What you need: White jumpsuit, floral button-up, blue bandanna.
Why it’s awesome: It’s historical and pop cultural, all in one. Don’t forget your whiskey and don’t forget to warm up your cheek/mouth/eyebrow muscles before you get to the party. Being Betty McRae means doing the best facial gymnastics ever. Plus you’ll be keeping the love alive for that Bomb Girls movie.

14. Alex Vause (Criminal!)


What you need: Tan scrubs, glasses, stick-on rose tattoo (or the real thing, if you’re really committed). Bonus points if you make a cardboard clothes dryer to trap yourself inside.
Why it’s awesome: Laura Prepon‘s character from Orange Is the New Black was easily the most lusted after fictional lesbian in the universe this year, so you’re piggybacking off of already piqued hormones. And anyway, you know you’ve kind of always wanted to exercise your bossy side.

15. Tara Thornton (Vampire!)


What you need: Leather, fangs.
Why it’s awesome: Vampires are always a go-to lesbian Halloween costume, but dressing up as one of True Blood‘s finest will take you to the next level. Just be careful not to accidentally disappear!

So, what are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?

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