“Venice” recap (4.8): Sacred Hokey Pokey


Gina, near death on account of Lara unceremoniously mowing her down, shows up in heaven’s waiting room.  Waiting for her is a concerned Owen. They embrace and Gina tells her little bro how nothing has been the same since he died. Damn straight, Gina. Owen asks the angel if Gina is officially dead, and he tells them no, it’s up to Gina to make that call. Owen tries to shuffle her back to the land of the living, but Gina protests. She’s rather fond of the gauzy curtains and twinkle lights. In fact, she might just stick around.


Meanwhile, Gina’s family is holding their breath at the hospital, not knowing Gina’s fate. The Colonel tries to put on a brave face for everyone, but even he is beginning to crumble. At the police station, Det. Brandon is staring at his computer screen, trying to make clues appear or find the picture of the kitten in the Best of the ’90s Stereograms post on Buzzfeed.


Ani is in a bit of a daze, and trying to flee the hospital because shit was getting too real. Logan pulls up and asks her if Gina is ok. Ani’s car is at the scene of the accident and Logan offers to take her. Ani just walks away because Logan is the worst. Also, Logan is kind of evil/awesome.

Owen is trying every tactic to get Gina to ease on down back to earth. There is even a waterside. A waterside, people. She asks for a drink, and as it turns out, heaven’s waiting room has an open bar. Side note: For the free chicken wings, you have to pass through the pearly gates.


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