“Chicago Fire” (2.1) recap: “He needs something”


Last season on Chicago Fire, Gabriella Dawson couldn’t decide whether she should date Peter Mills or Matthew Casey while her heart so clearly belongs to Leslie Shay.  Casey broke up with his fiancee, choked on his chance with Dawson, got back together with his fiancee, only to lose her when she got to introduce the new series Chicago PD killed.  Kelly Severide made out with a lot of ladies, one nearly cost him his job, one was engaged, one was only sorta gay, and one showed up at the end of the season with a bun in the oven. The writers went all Good Will Hunting on our Leslie Shay and said you can get hit by a a wrench, a belt, or a stick truck, stuck with a needle, or hatch a plan to have sex with Severide in a ridiculous baby plot, you choose.  All the lesbians screamed, “Take the truck, take the truck!” Because the joke is on us, she got all three.

We start this episode with Shay and Severide having brunch outdoors on a beautiful day in Chicago.  They are splitting up their Indigo Girls CDs and figuring out who gets the boxed set of The L Word and who gets Imagine Me & You.  Shay’s wearing her BluBlockers for this very important conversation because she’s as serious as a cataract. Severide is pretty, super pretty, but sadly pretty can’t do math so Shay spells it out for him, Maury Povich style.  The kid ain’t yours, bucko. The math doesn’t work. Severide gets on his huffy bike and tells Shay that she’s just pissed because she wanted his sperm and a baby and is just jealous. Possibly true, dude, but the math doesn’t lie.

ChiFi 2011

From brunch it’s time to put out a fire. Shay and Dawson are in their rig looking amazing and Dawson ask if Shay has found a new place to live because worse than having to give on her dream of a little Shayveride she has to give up that amazing apartment. Well the hunt is going as well as telling Severide the the kid isn’t his. Dawson, this is where you ask Shay to move in with you. Dawson asks if this has anything to do with Shay’s biological clock ticking LIKE THIS! Shay sighs, tells Dawson she’s over the baby thing, and says, “Hermione Jean Granger! Does no one care about math anymore?”

ChiFi 2012

They get to the fire, and before they can get inside the place explodes. The Chief sees a shopping basket at the base of the front stairs and assumes there’s a little old lady inside. He sends in the troops. There’s no old lady but Severide gets stuck in the basement inferno. Once he’s safely out Mills walks over and tells the Chief there was no one in the house. Mills, you are taking being a douche to new heights. The Chief goes all McCullers on the shopping cart, kicking it across the sidewalk like a couple trash cans. Severide notices his badge number, “1751,” painted on the side of the building.  It’s not exactly “kisses-A” but we get the hint.

Back at the firehouse, Mari is waiting. She’s as unsure about Mouch’s nickname as Herrmann is about Mari and Mouch making lunch for everyone. Severide is stewing in his Lazy Boy about someone trying to blow his ass up. Casey offers that maybe it was just a coincidence.

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