“Jersey Strong” recap (1.2): Rekindling the Flame


Episode 2 of Jersey Strong opens on a playground, where Jayda is meeting with Ashley, her mentee. As we learned last week, Ashley is pregnant with her fourth child. Ashley and her boyfriend have been fighting over his cheating but she has just allowed him back home. Jayda lectures Ashley about the importance of standards when it comes to men. We all deserve a loyal partner, and if Ashley isn’t getting that from her current boyfriend then she’s got to strike out on her own. Ashley insists that other than cheating, their relationship is perfect, which is a lot like saying the Titanic was perfect except for the iceberg because both cheating and an iceberg fuck shit up.


Jayda brings Ashley by Brooke’s office to talk about her situation. Ashley is supposed to marry her baby daddy next year but his cheating never stops so she’s having second thoughts. Brooke discusses child supports options and they’re all like “buying sneakers for your kid is not child support.”


Brooke is prepping to go on vacay. Brooke has a super hot secretary with whom she jokes about wearing matching lingerie. The girl is all “I’m joining you two hahaha in my matching undies! OMG it would be three women so we’d all have matching undies and two of the women wearing matching undies would have sex. DO ALL OF OUR VIEWERS GET A CLEAR PICTURE OF THAT?”

Kwadir Felton, the kid who lost his sight to the bullet of a NJ cop, discusses his case. Kwadir’s family suspects they are being followed. Cops searched their apartment without a warrant, saying it was “probable cause.” “He tried to kill me and I’m still here,” Kwadier says. “That’s the reason he’s following me, he’s scared.”


Creep, Jayda’s fiancé, wakes up every morning at 5 a.m. to get to his job as a garbage man. He’s an intensely likable guy with heavy dreads and a wide smile who is cheerful to do whatever it takes to support his family. After work, he’s trying to make it as a comedian. Unfortunately Creed’s mother, Michelle, does not share her son’s charm.


When Creep shows up to her party with Jayda, Michelle refuses to let her in the house. Apparently she can’t stand the way Jayda talks to people, which is very vague. I guess Jayda’s too bossy for this woman who strikes me as intensely bossy. Also Jayda and Creep do come from rival Blood/Crip gangs so it’s Romeo and Juliet. Or maybe more West Side Story. Creep listens to his mother talk shit on Jayda like “aw well I wish you wouldn’t do that sad face” for a little while and then leaves without having gained entrance for Jayda.

Maggie and Brooke abandon New Jersey for a beach resort in Turks and Caicos. Brooke is on speakerphone blathering on about a case with hot secretary while Maggie lolls about looking neglected. Brooke is wearing a shirt that reads “I’m on vacation” to set herself apart from all the other people at the beachside resort who are not on vacation.


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