Aneesa on last night’s “The Challenge: Rivals II”


On last night’s episode of The Challenge: Rivals II, Aneesa Ferreira was brutally booted off out of the jungle just a few minutes into the season finale. Aneesa, the sole lesbian competitor, was eliminated along with her partner/old rival Diem.


“The night before deliberations, I got drunk and stubbed my toe,” Aneesa told me with an indignant sigh. “Not that it matters but yeah I think my toe is broken.”

Broken bone or not, it was emotional anguish, not physical pain, that did that most damaged team Aneesa the lesbian and Diem the nice-I-guess.

“I’m used to going into elimination, but I was genuinely nervous because Diem was freaking out,” she said.

So what factors prevented Aneesa and Diem from winning the cash prize?

“I wish Diem could have trusted me a little more,” Aneesa murmurs mournfully. Her speech is muffled not just by bitter regret but by a peculiar whirring noise. The distraught Aneesa is getting her hair done. “I love Diem, but I think we could have pulled to the finish if she could have trusted me completely.”


I can sympathize with  Diem’s lack of trust. As someone who has spoken to Aneesa no less than twice, I don’t trust her either. At the beginning of the season, she promised hookups. Yet off she goes now, nary a finger bang in sight. 

“We didn’t see any lesbian hookups!” I exclaim. Didn’t she say there were some before the season started?” Aneesa laughs darkly, “Who am I supposed to hook up with?” My mind draws a blank. “Oh you know,” I evade, hoping she knows, as I do not.

“Come on, who?” Aneesa challenges. I feel like Aneesa knows I’m not a devoted viewer. Touché.  Either a.) Footage of THE LOST QUEER ENCOUNTER did not make it to the challenge floor or b.) Aneesa made up a lezzie encounter during our earlier interview because my raw sexuality is so intimidating, she couldn’t admit she got nothing. I get it. I want to lie to me too sometimes, just to make me proud.


So what was the problem during those final moments in the jungle. A fundamental lack of trust? Aneesa’s (maybe) freshly broken toe? Diem’s ex-boy drama driving her to distraction? Or was it too complex, too vast somehow, for our mere mortal minds to comprehend?

“The problem,” Aneesa reveals in slow, cautious tones, “was that we were too far from the rope.”

In case you missed it, you can watch last night’s episode here. Tune in next week for the final episode and to see who wins the challenge.

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