“Venice: The Series” recap (4.7): Heavenly Bodies


When we last visited the cozy beach town of Venice, Gina was the victim of an accidental hit and run. The driver was none other than Lara, drunk and distracted. This week’s episode picks up immediately after, with Lara freaking out about what she has just done.  She picks up the phone and calls the only person she thinks can help her out of this jam: Jake. She tells him what happened and that even thought it was an accident, no one will believe her.  He calmly asks if anyone saw her, but she isn’t sure. He tells her to hunker down and hope that Gina finds her way to the pearly gates.


Ani stands behind the crime scene tape, in shock. Det. Brandon, the only cop in Venice, is on the case. He asks if Ani can describe the car that hit Gina, but she tells him that it all happened so fast. She heads off to the hospital while Brandon calls Guya to deliver the bad news.


Lara stands next to her rental car, dazed and distressed. Jake pulls up and calls her Hot Stuff, which is especially gross considering the situation. He’s managed to slather on some baby oil and change into a white tank top. Shudder. Lara asks Jake what to do if she actually killed Gina, and Jake smirks that it’s just another secret for them to share.


In Heaven, Owen is panicking. He questions the angel as to why God would let this happen to his sister. The angel informs Owen that God has nothing to do with it. Owen pleads, telling the angel that his sister needs him right now. The angel gently tells him that is impossible. Something important is waiting for him.


At the hospital, the family and Ani gather. The doctor informs them that Gina is in stable condition with a head injury and cracked ribs, but the next 24 hours will be crucial. Jamie races to Ani’s side when he hears about the accident. Alan, unawares, calls Gina’s phone. Ani picks up to let him know that Gina won’t be attending his little meeting. He’s there with Logan and Katherine, both of whom appear concerned. Alan is pleased as punch because Gina’s accident buys him more time to plot all his devious dealings.


The Colonel and Sarah are comforting each other at the hospital. The Colonel is struggling to go into Gina’s room, so he tells Guya to go in first. He’s no good at this and Gina needs to hear a familiar voice. She obliges but Owen is furious from his seat in heaven. The angel tells Owen that his father is doing the best he can and that it’s not his place to judge. Owen thinks that is frankly a load of crap.


In Gina’s hospital room, she is bandaged and unconscious. Guya sits with her, and tells her to wake the hell up. She needs Gina, she tells her. Needs to talk with her, and for Gina to make it through. Van and Brandon cross paths in the hospital parking lot.  Van inquires about Gina’s condition and Brandon tells him that is isn’t too great at the moment. Like a totally, not guilty person, Van suddenly asks if the police are still looking for Sammie.  Brandon oh so casually tells him that you bet your sweet ass they are.


Tension is still high between Ani and the Colonel, who forbids Ani to visit Gina. She instead settles into a chair in the waiting room. Sarah approaches her and they exchange an awkward greeting. Sarah sweetly insists on taking Gina’s bag from Ani, which she had been clutching since the accident. Ani sits alone with her thoughts of Gina, and what could have been, and what may never be again.


Jake picks Lara up from her meeting, which she sat through like a zombie. Sensing her distress levels are at an all time high, he decides that now is the time to strike, and kisses her on the lips.  THIS GUY!  He tells Lara that they are going to the hospital to visit their buddy Gina, but she just wants to go home. Lara claims she only wants Ani to be happy, and Jake asks her if that means Ani ending up with Gina. Lara doesn’t answer.


Van joins his mother and uncle at the hospital, which Guya finds great comfort in. The Colonel finally works up the nerve to see Gina and heads to her room. Guya mentioned how close to home this must hit her brother-in-law, since his wife was taken from him in the same way. The Colonel jokes with the still unconscious Gina, what it’s chaos out there without her. Without Gina to boss them around, they are all lost. He softens and tells her that he needs her, and it’s taken them a long time to get to this point. He can’t lose her now. With that, Gina’s monitors begin to beep and she goes into distress.  Ani hears the emergency announcement and pushes past everyone to get to Gina before it’s too late.


Owen yells to Gina to hang on and begs the angel for help.  he angel tells him that the ball is in Gina’s court now. A voice calls out to Owen, and Gina appears though the gauzy curtains. The siblings hug each other tightly.


What did you think of this week’s episode of Venice: The Series?

On a personal note, I’d like to dedicate this recap to my wonderful cat Sebastian who passed away suddenly this week.  He was my constant companion and assistant editor extraordinaire.  I miss you so much, buddy.

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