“The Bridge” recap (1.10): Old Friends


Last week’s cliffhanger of The Bridge, left us all biting our nails to the nub. David Tate tosses up the most devious of smokescreens to go after his one, big, objective. Gus Ruiz. In the opening sequence, an injured Gus is tied up in Tate’s backseat. Gus pleads for answers. Tate casually asks Gus how old he was. If things had worked out differently, he muses, his son Caleb and Gus would be high school classmates and friends. Gus asks what Tate plans to do with him, but Tate does not respond directly. “For Caleb, it was the sins of the mother. For you, the father.” Gus tries to explain that his father is a good person, but Tate counters asking if Marco is a good father. Wanting to be a good father, and being one are very different in Tate’s book.

Tate asks Gus if Marco is a good father on "The Bridge"

The El Paso PD descends upon Sonya’s accident scene as she is loaded onto a stretcher. She recites Tate’s plate number and weakly tells Lt. Wade to find Gus.

In the newsroom, Frye is back on the sauce and looking worse for wear. Adrianna is disheartened and tells Frye to be a good journalist and give it up. Easier said than done, Adrianna. Frye is on a shame spiral, and confesses to Adrianna how he ended up a target of David Tate.  He tells her about the night Santi Jr. went off in search of more coke and hit Tate’s wife and son. Santi Sr. paid Frye with a dream job, not to testify against his son. At the time, Frye felt no remorse about his decision. Now it eats him alive from within. Adrianna tells Frye that she hates the way he talks when he’s drunk. As much as Adrianna wants Frye to change, he knows he can’t without help. She offers to accompany him to an early AA meeting the next morning. After hemming and hawing, and maybe a little soul searching, he agrees.


Tate pulls up to an industrial area, and pulls Gus out of the backseat. Gus tries to reason with him and reminds Tate how, as Zina, he convinced Gus to give his father another change. He doesn’t get very far with Tate though, because he is soon tasered into unconsciousness.


At the Ruiz residence, Marco arrives home with little news for Alma. He tells her that they are moving her and the girls to a safe house, but she refuses. Her brother and father are coming to take them home, where they will protect the family. She blames Carlos for everything, and short of saying, it’s evident that this is the end of the road for Marco and Alma. He tries to explain that the affair with Tate’s wife happened before he met Alma, and apologizes for what this has done to his family. Alma is unimpressed with Marco’s new fondness for honesty, and tells him to go find Gus.


A battered and broken Sonya sits on a hospital bed. Her arm is pretty much crushed and requires surgery. Sonya isn’t thinking about her arm, or the pain right now. She wants to know what’s happening with Gus. Kitty joins Lt. Wade at the hospital, and the both of them try to convince Sonya to stay put. Lt. Wade tells her Marco is alone, and Sonya remarks that Tate wants Marco to suffer.


At the local AA meeting, Frye and Adriana listen to the members’ stories. When it’s Frye’s turn up to bat, at first he lashes out with inappropriate humor and bile. He quickly softens though, and begins to cry. He tells the circle how cool they are, and that maybe since they believe he can change, perhaps he can start believing in himself. He decides that he is at least willing to try, which makes Adrianna smile. In the parking lot, Frye takes a deep breath and drinks from a paper coffee cup. Tate comes out of nowhere and sticks a needle deep in Frye’s neck. Before anyone can stop him, Tate tosses Frye into his car and takes off. Adrianna witnesses the car peeling out of the lot and knows that it’s not Frye behind the wheel.


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