Ryan Murphy’s lesbian drama “Open” gets even more lesbian-y


Ryan Murphy‘s Open has added the third side of its lesbian love triangle. Back in July, we found out that Anna Torv and Jennifer Jason Leigh will play lovers in the forthcoming HBO drama, and today Deadline broke the news that Michelle Monaghan is joining them. Or, well, at least one of them. Torv and Leigh play longterm couple Windsor and Holly, whose relationship will be tested when Monaghan’s Grace — a recently engaged straight gynecologist, naturally — falls for Windsor.

So this, basically:

open-1Or to contextualize it in a different Ryan Murphy Lesbian Drama way, it’s this:

open-2Which isn’t quite as good as lesbian fandom’s interpretation of Ryan Murphy Lesbian Drama, which is this:


On the one hand, we’re always going to be skeptical of any queer female character Ryan Murphy writes, especially when the show is self-described as “a modern, provocative exploration of human sexuality and relationships.” (Translation: Windsor is going to have an affair with Grace who will realize she’s straight right before it destroys her own engagement but right after it destroys Windsor’s relationship with Holly. Sadly, no rocket ships.) But on the other hand, you know we’re going to be all up in this show’s business for the HBO-caliber lesbian makeouts.

Right? What do you think of the news about Open so far?





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