Slash vs. Femslash Grudge Match: And the Winner is…


final-tallyIt turns out even lesbian fandom has to sleep sometimes. After Faberry (Rachel/Quinn from Glee) beat Sterek (Stiles and Derek from Teen Wolf) last year in AfterEllen and The Backlot‘s inaugural Slash vs. Femslash Grudge Match, we thought we were unstoppable. And when Rizzles had a 10,000 vote lead over Destiel on the final day of voting in our second annual face-off, we thought it’d be smooth sailing to another victory. But we were wrong! Our brothers at The Backlot rallied their troops and pulled ahead in the final hours of voting, finally winning with a 6,000 vote lead.




 Congratulations to The Backlot! (It’s OK, lesbos; we’ll get ’em next year!)

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