“Venice: The Series” recap (4.5): FixHer Upper


Gina, thy love hath a name, and it is AWKWARD. This episode of Venice: The Series starts right back where we left off. Gina unintentionally crashes Lara and Ani’s engagement party, to propose to Ani herself. Everybody, do a shot. It’s going to get rough up in here.


Owen is watching this accident scene play out from heaven, where his Angel social worker is busily crocheting a wing cozy or something like that. He tells Owen that life isn’t about being pain free. It’s about living.


Guya is blinded by a mother’s love and can’t see what a creep her son Van is. See Van is still jealous that his mom had to step in when her sister died and help raise Gina and Owen. That’s why he and Owen never got along. Guya shows Van a picture of him and Owen in happier times, and Van looks like someone with something to hide. Det. Brandon agrees with me, because he crashes this mother/son bonding moment to casually tell Van that he’s exploring every single lead in Owen’s death. One of those leads is bound to lead back to Van, so he takes off for the time being. Guya asks Brandon to please stop investigating her son. No dice though because the only thing Brandon likes more that cultivating the perfect 5 o’clock shadow is mother trucking justice.


Sara and The Colonel continue to get along swimmingly. She’s cooking him dinner and he tells her that she reminds him of her grandmother. She asks him about Owen and Gina and he admits he was ill-prepared to be a single father when their mother passed. Sara laments the fact that Gina won’t get to know her, but The Colonel assures her that she will come around eventually. I wonder where Sara’s girlfriend is in all of this. I hope she shows up soon.


Back at the engagement party of perpetual sorrow, Gina stand there dumbstruck as she realizes what she just stepped in to. She quickly covers up the ring and tells Ani that she is so, so stupid. Jake mercifully breaks the ice and reaches out to Gina. He hands her a glass of champagne and begins to make a toast to Ani and Lara. Gina interrupts him. She tells Ani that she tried to call but couldn’t reach her. The bystanders are all still totally uncomfortable, and Alan hisses into Logan’s ear that now would be the time to score her some broken hearted rebound sexing. Lara looks at Gina with those eyes that could cut glass, and tells her that she and Ani and happy. Gina blinks back the tears and congratulates the “happy” couple, then runs the hell out of there. Ani gets up to follow her but Lara grabs her hand and tells her not too. Ani goes anyway, leaving Lara pissed off and hurt.


Guya decides she’s going to screw the suspicion right out of Brandon. He sees through her act though, so instead she begs him to stop going after Van. Man, this does not bode well.


Lara is standing in a cloud of Gina/Ani dust at Malbec. Jake offers her a ride home, but she’s too upset to even think that far ahead. Jake tells her that Ani will come to her senses and come back to her.  He says his sister is a classic fixer, and an obsessive people pleaser. Gina, however, is a lost cause, he reassures her. He looks Lara up and down and says at least she might be something worth fixing.


Ani tracks Gina down on the beach because Gina is part mermaid and always trying to find her way back to sea. Or she just likes the beach. Anyway, Ani asks if they can please just talk. Gina asks how long Lara and Ani have been engaged and Ani tells her since the night Owen died. Gina is shocked it took her that long, but Ani confesses that she just couldn’t bring herself to say it. Gina makes a comment about Ani waiting for her to propose, but Ani cuts her off and says that knows Gina would never make that commitment to her. Hell, she wouldn’t even keep a toothbrush at Ani’s house. Gina tells Ani that she doesn’t want her wasting anymore time on her, because all they ever did was hurt each other. She wishes Ani a wonderful life, and with heart breaking, says she can’t be a part of her life anymore. Frustrated and broken hearted as well, Ani pleads her case. She couldn’t count on Gina. At least with Lara, she knows she’s enough.


Back at the restaurant, Jake jingles car keys in Lara’s face and tells her it’s time to go. Lara decides to wait for Ani though, and walks away from him. Alan appears and he and Jake discuss how perfectly this all worked out for them. Gina is dismantled and distracted, and all the easier to take down. Jake assures Alan that his little sister will continue to keep Gina unbalanced so they can strike when the iron is hot. Alan asks out of curiosity why Jake hates Gina so much, and Jake replies that it’s a long story. I bet. A long, creepy ass story.


Ani walks the beach alone, asking herself what to do. I know! Go get some nachos and beer and let this all sink in, girl. Against my advice, Ani takes off her ring instead and walks off like she’s on a mission.


Gina gets home and is so distracted that she leaves her keys in the door. She pours herself a glass of wine, but as she goes to take a sip, thinks better of it and walks away. We hear a click in the door as someone walks in. Gina looks up and says, “It’s you.” Yes! Doesn’t get soapier than that, kids.


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