“Today” correspondent Jenna Wolfe blogs about being out and pregnant


Jenna Wolfe has many accomplishments. She worked for WPHL-TV in Philadelphia as the first female sportscaster, she currently works as a national correspondent for the Today show and as a news anchor on Weekend Today. Her latest endeavor though may be the most important one to date, her pregnancy with her first child which is rapidly approaching it’s final days. This event prompted Jenna and her partner Stephanie Gosk, a fellow NBC News correspondent, to publicly come out on the Today show.


I, too, decided to embark on the same journey this year and it was great to follow along with Jenna’s blog and hear a story similar to mine delivered with humor and heart. Her writings touch on many things that I am sure all pregnant women have gone through, worried about and pondered. But what really connected me to her entries were the thoughts and experiences that only a pregnant lesbian would encounter. Thoughts like, “Once our baby arrives, what does she call each of us?” This one went back and forth a lot in my house as well as hers. My wife and I finally decided on Mommy/Mama after buying a children’s book for a two mom household. Or having someone ask if the baby will have some genetic trait of your partner. Jenna refers to one such situation in her blog, “Do you think the baby will have Stephanie’s eyes? (Looking down at MY pregnant belly.) Not unless science has discovered something I don’t know about.”


It was also nice to know that I wasn’t the only one fighting pregnancy neuroses: “I once drank unpasteurized juice by mistake and called her (doctor) in a sweat-filled panic because I was ready to pump my own stomach.” I had a similar experience after accidentally eating something with soft cheese in it and went into a internal panic. The only thing that snapped me back to reality was realizing that our parents mom’s probably were drinking gin, smoking and eating sub sandwiches through their entire pregnancy. And my parents turned out fine. Well, relatively.

I am glad that Jenna decided to share her experiences online and as we both near our due date I look forward to her future posts. Hopefully there will be more discoveries like finding out “you pee 157 times a day” and that nesting is a real thing: “All I know is I walk around with a bottle of 409 like it’s going out of style. Steph has to pry it away from me before bed.” I feel like her experiences are mine as well, except for the ones that include exercise.

You can read Jenna’s blog at Today.com

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