The ultimate “Venice: The Series” refresher course


Venice: The Series season 4 kicks off on August 7th, and if you haven’t seen the previous episodes of this smart and sexy websoap, now is your chance. You can watch seasons 1-3 for free, right now for a limited time on YouTube.

Venice opener

Here is a little primer for you viewers, a break down if you will, of the major players and plotlines of Venice: The Series so far. Also be sure to check out our interviews with Jessica Leccia and Nadia Bjorlin. Later this week we’ll have an interview with creator and star Crystal Chappell.

Gina, Ani and Lara : The Triangle

While Venice has quite a few terrific characters and storylines, the focus of the show is arguably the love triangle between Gina (Crystal Chappell), Ani (Jessica Leccia) and Lara (Nadia Bjorlin).


In season 1, Gina and Ani are former (and sometimes current) lovers, torn apart by distance, Gina’s inability to commit and Ani’s insecurities. The actresses who first lit up the screen together as Olivia and Natalia (Otalia) in Guiding Light, also bring their scorching chemistry to Venice. Ani, a professional photographer, is back in town and the two women try to find a place in each other’s lives, while still being very much a part of each other’s hearts.

Ani Gina 1

Navigating the waters of friendship when you are still in love can be a challenge. Both Gina and Ani end up dating other people. For Gina, it’s more of a band-aid for her broken heart. For Ani, it turns out to be much more serious. Enter Lara, the young adult author, who meets cute with Ani near the latter half of S1 and ends up sweeping her off her feet.

Ani Lara 1

Season 2 begins with Ani and Lara growing closer, while Gina deals with some major family issues. (i.e. her father and a dead prostitute, his subsequent stroke). At the same time, cracks in Lara’s otherwise smooth persona begin to show, and a pattern of alcohol abuse becomes apparent.

Lara drink

Ani tries to downplay it at first, but when a drunken quarrel results in Lara pushing Ani and giving her a black eye, Lara’s drinking and reckless behavior can no longer be ignored. Ani is forced to face the truth. Gina, still in love with Ani, writes a letter (one she doesn’t intend to mail) where she confesses her true feelings. She reads it aloud, thinking she’s alone in her thoughts. It turns out her father hears her, and mails the letter to Ani.

Gina letter

The opening of Season 3 deals with the aftermath of Lara pushing Ani, and its effect on everyone. Ani, eventually forgives her, but their relationship is strained and tenuous. Lara intercepts the letter from Gina to Ani and reads it. When Gina finds out about Ani’s black eye, she storms over to Lara’s to confront her.

Lara confrontation

Lara lashes back, accusing Gina of emotionally abusing Ani. She quotes a line from the letter and a shocked Gina realizes that someone mailed it unbeknownst to her. Gina assumes Ani showed the letter to Lara, and Lara goes with it, telling Gina that Ani was upset and has moved on. Lara attempts to give up drinking, but struggles and tries to hide it from Ani. Gina and Ani have become each other’s confidants and their gravitational pull toward one another keeps getting stronger. Lara, falling further into her addiction and further away from Ani, burns Gina’s letter. She plans a romantic evening and proposes to Ani in the final episode.

So. Much. Lesbian. Drama! Oh and speaking of drama…

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