Afternoon Delight: Jodie Foster’s “Elysium” role originally written for a man


Good afternoon and happy Monday!

Did you know that Jodie Foster’s Elysium character Secretary Delacourt was originally written for a man?

On August 1, Naya Rivera will host Bud Light Music First’s 50/50/1 event in Los Angeles.

Speaking of Rivera, tonight the Glee star will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Sarah Paulson is gearing up for the upcoming season of American Horror Story: Coven by researching witchcraft and she’s getting a little spooked. In a recent interview, she admitted, “I can tell you I’m here in New Orleans. I am reading a book about witchcraft in my personal life. I tend to read it in the day because who wants to be the one reading a book about witchcraft at midnight in New Orleans? That’s just asking for some spooky shit I don’t need in my life.”

Lady Gaga is rolling out some of the artwork for her upcoming album ArtPop. I think Gaga is allergic to clothing.

Pope Frances shocked me and the world when he spoke out on the LGBT community during an in-flight interview to Rome. The new pope said, “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge? They shouldn’t be marginalized.”

While we’re talking religion, Bishop Desmond Tutu is fighting against homophobia. The Bishop said, “I would not worship a God who is homophobic and that is how deeply I feel about this. I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven. No, I would say sorry, I mean I would much rather go to the other place.”

E! nabbed a photo of out artist Sia and Robert Pattinson during last night’s Jay Z and Justin Timberlake concert in Pasadena. (Did you notice Sia’s nipples were blurred in the photo? I love her!)

Monster actress Charlize Theron met with South African President Jacob Zuma to discuss the education and fight against HIV and AIDS. In a press conference, Theron said, “We are all here to support you. You are the future of this country and I am asking you to seize the opportunity to lead healthy and empowered lives.”

Actress Indira Varma will be joining the cast of Game of Thrones. In the show’s season four, Varma will play “Ellaria Sand, the sexually adventurous paramour of a key new character Prince Oberyn Martell (played by Pedro Pascal).”

HBO's "Rome" Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsPhoto by Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images

Everyone’s favorite ex-nun, genderqueer, nerd comic Kelli Dunham is in a lot of physical pain and her friends have set up a donation page to raise funds to take care of her injured hip.

Olivia Wilde doesn’t look like Olivia Wilde on the cover of September’s Fashion.


In case you were wondering, yes, Anna Paquin does eat food at restaurants.

Tomorrow night at 7 pm, I’ll be performing a free comedy show with Jennie McNulty and Dana Eagle at the Ventura Harbor Comedy Club in Ventura, CA.

Tweet of the Day!

Glee’s Lea Michele thanked her Twitter followers and posted this adorable photo of her late boyfriend Cory Monteith. RIP Cory.

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