10 Things We Learned About “Lost Girl,” Zoie Palmer & Boobs O’Clock at Comic-Con

5. Zoie knows we love her. Palmer acknowledged and thanked the crowd for giving Bo and Lauren big wins in online polls this past year. During the show panel she said she’s not sure exactly why her character has been so popular, but “I’m grateful that she has. I think that certainly the same-sex element of our relationship has been something that has resonated not only with the LGBT community but the community at large. I think it has been a relationship that has been portrayed well.”


6. Zoie is also not above unzipping her dress to win more fans. When, during the panel, an informal room cheering poll of Team Dyson v. Team Lauren went for the wolf, Palmer took matters into her own hand. This exchange followed.

Palmer: OK, I’ve got a little work to do [unzips dress front]

Ried: Two can play that game [unbuttons his shirt]

7. Ried is on Team Threesome. When asked who he wanted Bo to end up with, Ried said, “What’s wrong with a good old fashioned threesome?” OK, I might be down with a threesome. But only if we make it Bo-Lauren-Tamsin instead.

072413lostgirl5Courtesy Ksenia Solo’s Instagram

8. Zoie is a gamer. As if we didn’t love her enough already, in an interview with TV Fanatic Palmer said she plays Ratchet & Clank, Jak and Daxter and “the one where you shoot people all the time” a.k.a. Call of Duty.

9. Showrunner Andras loves us fans. During the panel she said:

One of the things I’m most proud of about the show and has blown my mind is the fan presence.  I just cannot believe how gratifying it is to be able to know people and speak to them about what they like and don’t like about the show internationally.

Andras even wore a special unicorn T-shirt as a nod to fans, whom she had promised unicorns during the E! Online Top Couples Poll madness. She also assured us that they’re in the mail.

10. Anna Silk says hello. The new mom was back in Toronto filming for the new season, but took the time to shoot a short video thanking fans at Comic-Con. All I can say is, Houston, we won’t have a problem finding Boobs O’Clock of the Weeks for Season 4. Don’t judge me, you know you were all thinking it, too.


So, did that get you more excited for Season 4? Could you ever get on board with a Team Threesome? And why is it not Nov. 10 yet?

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