“Push Girls” recap (2.9): “Love Me or Leave Me”


When we last saw our Push Girls, the cast was in Mexico celebrating Tiphany’s 30th birthday. After a day of kayaking, the girls head back to the dock and are greeted by Barak, who arrives with a stuffed giraffe in tow and ready to woo Mia.


After everyone exits the boat (except the camera crew of course) Mia and Barak finally let their guards down and admit that they have feelings for each other. The two kiss and sparks fly.


The next morning, Auti and Tiphany meet for breakfast but everyone else is already off enjoying the day. Chelsie, Angela and Aunt Judy are spending the morning parasailing (which I’ve done, and do not like at all).  First up, Chelsie and Aunt Judy get strapped into the parasailing harnesses and are lifted up in the sky. Chelsie screams and Judy is so scared she won’t pry her eyes open. Now it’s Angela’s turn. (Did she not just see the torture Chelsie and Judy just suffered?)

The parasailing crew tries to strap Angela into an extra large harness but she keeps slipping out since she’s extra small. It doesn’t appear that Angela is going to be able to go after all but just then the parasailing instructor attaches himself to Angela so they can go up in the air together.

Angela: It was nuts. I felt like E.T. in a basket.

Once ashore, Tiphany looks back on her life and shares that she didn’t even think she was going to make it to her 30th birthday.

Tiphany: I was into drugs and alcohol and my sister was into drugs and alcohol and my mom’s an alcoholic. I’m certain that it’s a miracle that I am where I am today.

The ladies gather for Tiphany’s dinner celebration and Mia rolls in late holding hands with Barak. Barak fits right in with the girls and Mia says, “I love it when whomever I’m dating can charm anybody else in the room that I care about. That’s a huge turn on.”

Tiphany thanks everyone for joining her in Mexico and is presented with a birthday cake. She blows all the candles out with one huge exhale.

After a terrific vacation, the cast heads back to Los Angeles. Auti decides that she needs to focus on Eric so he knows how invested she is in making their marriage work. The couple head off to play golf and Auti is terrible (in a really cute way.) Eric is happy to have this time to reconnect with her.

Mia is still on cloud nine with Barak, who tells her that he has fears about being in a relationship with her since she has a history of breaking guy’s hearts.

Mia: I’m not going to treat him like I’ve treated other guys ‘cuz he is special.

As Barak and Mia cuddle together in her wheelchair, Barak presents Mia with a jewelry box with a pair of sparkly earrings. I’m not sure if the earrings are diamonds, but if they are, Mia should marry this dude.

Back over to our birthday girl. Since one’s 30th birthday is a big deal, Tiphany’s mother wants to visit her and celebrate. Tiphany’s mother is an alcoholic and former drug addict and it’s been a year since Tiphany has seen her. And it’s been seven years since Tiphany’s sister Katie saw her mom. Tiphany explains her complex relationship with her mother and admits that they did drugs together.

Tiphany: My mom would make weed brownies. My mom would make weed cookies. My mom would make weed butter.

Visiting with her mother is a big deal, so Tiphany calls her dad  to talk it through. Tiphany wants to forgive her mother and move on but her dad insists it’s “not going to turn out like a fairytale.”

Tiphany’s mother arrives at her apartment and breaks down.


She explains that she feels so much guilt for being a bad mother. Her mom was into meth and alcohol and has been sober for one year. Tiphany finds out for the first time that her mother actually attended her high school graduation. Her mother was drunk, so she didn’t want Tiphany to see her there.

After a very emotional reunion Tiphany and her mom head off to visit Katie at her sober house.


Katie and her mom have a tearful embrace and Katie said, “I’m 27, and in 27 years I’ve never seen you sober.”

Mom: I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you. It wasn’t because of you or Tiphany it was me. It was me with the alcohol and drugs and I just didn’t know how bad I was until I hit rock bottom.

Now that all three of these ladies are on the straight and narrow path, I hope they can rebuild their relationships with one another.

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