10 things we learned about Tatiana Maslany, Cosima and “Orphan Black” at Comic-Con


In case there was even a shred of doubt left about whether Tatiana Maslany is awesome, the reports out of Comic-Con will have decimated it forever. The star of the BBC America clonespiracy thriller Orphan Black lit up Comic-Con over the weekend revealing herself to be more than delightful enough to be seven entirely different people.


Maslany, who was horribly inexcusably snubbed by the Emmys last week, got bathed in rightful adoration at her first Comic-Con instead. Maslany along with co-stars Dylan Bruce (Paul) and Jordan Gavaris (Felix) and co-creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett held court at a panel on the show, as well as several auxiliary interviews. One of the biggest announcements: Season 2 will be back April 2014.


Here are 10 amazing things other we learned from Comic-Con (one for each clone Maslany played in the first season, and a few extra just in case for the second season):

1. Cosima is a real person. Series co-creator Manson said Cosima is based on a real person, who is a friend of theirs and works as the show’s science adviser. She studies the history of science at the University of Minnesota. No word on whether she’s really gay and really has a Delphine though. Cosima is also the clone Maslany said she relates to the most, joking “because of her tendencies.” It’s because “Cosima to me is so fascinated by life and people and why things are the way they are” and also is incredibly smart, but capable of doing stupid things like “falling for the person you shouldn’t be falling for.”


2. Cosima’s fate is not decided yet. Mason said “the truth is it’s up in the air. We don’t know what is going to happen to Cosima,” which drew worried gasps from the crowd. Mason said in the second season Cosima will be looking into her own science and the science of her fellow clones sisters. He said “I think that is going to be really interesting…I think Cosima is a super brave character.”

3. Writers have been working on the second season for two months now. Pre-production will return Aug. 12 and then shooting will commence Sept. 23. They will film the first two episode of the season together, as they did the first season.


4. Yes, that crazy timely U.S. Supreme Court decision about patenting DNA will be addressed in the new season. Mason said the court’s ruling that synthetically created DNA may be patented leaves things “open for interpretation” and “quite ominous.” He said, “It’s always very cool when you hit some sort of zeitgeist in your show. When the world is reflected in your show and vice versa.”

5. Yes, we probably will see more clones in the second season. Fawcett said “We do like our clones.” I’ve already started my Emmy for Tatiana in 2014 campaign. Maslany said she’s up for trying Boston, New York or Maine accents in the coming seasons, though is a little frightened to try Scottish or Irish accents.

6. Just don’t expect a Beth or Katja backstory episode in Season 2. Though creators said they’d love to do a Beth episode maybe in Season 3. So, in other words, there had better be a season 3, dammit.

7. To get into character for each different clone, Maslany listens to different music. Alison is show tunes (West Side Story’s “A Boy Like That” in particular to get into her interrogation scene with her husband). Cosima is electro, indie, grind (she’s been know to go to raves “minus the glowsticks). Sarah is The Clash (duh) and UK grime rap. Helena is Prodigy, Antony and the Johnsons and Tom Waits. Rachel is 90s slow jamz “with a z.”

8. Maslany (or Tat, as her friends call her) can spot a fan in cosplay dressed as Helena as Beth from several rows back, knows how to beatbox. In other words, Tat is your new favorite imaginary girlfriend.


9. Tumblr is how Maslany and the writers knew the show had made it big. Mason thanked “Clone Club, the Clonesbians and ll the Tumblr heads.” Maslany also gave the show’s gay lady fans a shout-out during her NerdHQ panel earlier in the day, exclaiming, “Go clonesbians!”

10. Maslany would love to see more queer stories being told in the next five years. During the Comic-Con Women Who Kick Ass Panel, she said, “(I want to) see more representations of queer culture. There’s so many films that speak about it in beautiful, personal way and make it universal because ultimately it’s about humanity. I hope that becomes a given. We’ll watch a film with a lesbian character as the lead and that won’t become the defining characteristic.


Also, in case you’ve ever wondered how those TV magicians make all the clone interactions happen, here’s a clue. It’s lot of individual takes and the sheer talent of Maslany.

So, has this gotten you even more excited about Season 2. Counting the days to April. And, come on, you definitely love Tat enough now for seven different people – if not many more.

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