“Orange is the New Black” recap (1.11): Tall Men with Feelings



Mustache roughly sweeps Tricia’s belongings into a box as the Suburbs residents watch. Nichols tells him to leave her stuff alone and Red says they’ll take it from there. Mendez hisses that the place had better be spotless when he gets back.

oitnb_Tricia's cubeImages courtesy of Netflix. Photos by Jessica Miglio

Utility closet!

Diaz pukes into a sink as Mom Diaz tends to her. Bennett comes in and says he can get Diaz a furlough for a fake grandma death. That way Diaz can claim she got pregnant on the outside and Bennett won’t get fired and jailed. Mom Diaz doesn’t have high hopes—nobody gets those furloughs.

Radio station!

Larry comes in to do his big Relationship Story on Urban Tales. And ignores a call from Chapman. Another storyteller has a husband in Antarctica whom he hasn’t seen in two years. Larry admits that he gets to see his fiancée fairly often.

Electrical shop!

Chapman and Nichols (Hi, Nichols!) are repairing Christmas lights. Morello heard on the radio that Larry was going to be on. Chapman has been out of the loop. She’s a little touchy and takes out her frustrations on the tangled lights.

Luschek asks Chapman if she wants to hang herself with them. Since Tricia was cut down yesterday, Chapman finds this just a touch insensitive. Luschek wants to know if Chapman’s on her period. Ugh. In the prison crèche scene, Luschek is the ass. Nichols gets Chapman to back down from the fight.

Chapman says she’s going to organize a memorial service for Tricia.

Psych ward!

Doggett is not making a good case for herself. Talking about the pressures of being a faith healer is not helping, nor is “I’m not crazy, I’m chosen!”

Oh, man. Doggett tells the doc just to ask the prisoners about all the healings she’s caused, and I just realized what the long game was. This is incredibly cruel—Doggett is literally in a wire cage because the others made her think she can heal people.

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