Jaime Murray’s 7 best Comic-Con moments


Jaime Murray should teach a masterclass in lesbian fandom. It’s not just that she’s played queer in Spartacus, Warehouse 13, and Defiance. Or that she dominates Twitter. Or that she gives the best interviews. Or that she literally created the Bering and Wells ship with her own heart and imagination. Or even that she looks like the human being God created when he was in the greatest mood of all eternity. No, see, Jaime Murray is so good at lesbian fandom because Jaime Murray knows lesbian fandom. This weekend at Comic-Con, she was sharing inside jokes with us that even the other actors on her panel didn’t understand. So, in honor of a fandom ship captain that actually deserves that title, here’s a list if Jaime Murray’s 7 best comic-con moments. (From this year.)

#1. No, seriously, she’s a ship captain.

(Pair it with this Bering and Wells AU pirate fic, and girl, your day is made. )

#2. She validated our WhiteRose feelings when someone asked about Stahma killing Kenya on the Defiance panel.

#3. She called back our interview with her in which she and Jo Kelly argued about Happy Meals.

#4. Fans have been begging for a photo of her and Jo, and she promised she make their dreams come true.

#5. Oh, and she did.

BPpmtdlCIAIBcKU.jpg largePhoto courtesy of @MsJaimeMurray

#6. And she did.

BPmh5q2CMAA7-ns.jpg largePhoto courtesy of @MsJaimeMurray

#7. And then she posed with some fan-made Stahma Tarr and HG Wells dolls.

BPpb0FZCcAAjYKF.jpg largePhoto courtesy of @moryan

All hail the queen of lesbian fandom! (Now get yourself over to the Warehouse 13 lot and save Myka Bering! She needs you! We need you!)

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