“Push Girls” recap (2.8): Escape to Mexico


In Push Girls “Escape to Mexico,” the girls head to Mexico to celebrate Tiphany’s 30th birthday.

Liz stops by to give Tiphany an official girlfriend send-off for her trip. Like a true femme, Tiphany opens the door to Liz and says, “You’re late!” Liz replies, “I am?” Unfortunately, Liz can’t go to Mexico because she has to work. But since Liz is scared to fly, I doubt she would have boarded the plane even in the name of love. Tiphany is disappointed that she will be without Liz for a couple of days while Liz acts unfazed since the trip is only a week long. (A week away from my wife is torture for me.) Tiphany is also kinda bummed out that Liz didn’t make a bigger deal about her birthday.  I mean, it’s her 30th!

Now over to Mia, who had a very emotional time in the last episode. Mia and her unapologetic mother continue their fight from last week. As Mia cries and tells her mother how much pain she’s in, her Mother gets up and walks out. After some time apart, Mia’s mother returns and tells her daughter that she doesn’t enjoy being around her. Even though Mia’s mother has been sober for 13 years, Mia still hasn’t forgiven her for her lack of parenting in the past. Then Mia escorts her mother to her car and the two mend their fences. Sort of.

Mia (crying):  Mommy, I love you for real. I love you.

Mother: I know you do. You’re a mess Mia. A total mess.

Wow, that’s a harsh thing to say to your daughter’s face.

After saying goodbye to her mother, Mia goes to see Barak for counsel. Last week, Mia was visibly disappointed when Barak showed up to her dinner party with a date (named Gillian) making the evening quite awkward to say the least. Mia swallows her pride and goes over to Barak’s house because she’d rather have him as a friend than not have him in her life at all. Barak warmly greets Mia and they hug and make up.

Mia asks Barak if he and Gillian are going out again. Barak says “yes” and  Mia snaps, “Why?” Barak is stunned (as am I) and says, “She’s a nice girl.”

Mia quips, “Not as nice as me.” Mia has less game than I do, and I have zero game! Mia admits to Barak that she was jealous of Gillian and then hints that she likes him more than just a friend. Barak looks confused and doesn’t respond, which is a response in itself.

Over at Eric and Auti’s house, Auti is packing up to go to Mexico. Eric doesn’t want Auti to leave town, probably because last time she left she cheated on him. But since these two seem to be in a better place now and Eric doesn’t hold her back from going.

In other news, Chelsie has a meet up with Raymond to process their relationship. Chelsie wants a “break” and Raymond says he doesn’t. Raymond insists that he’s trying to change his ways and he pleads to Chelsie to give him another chance. The two head off holding hands so I guess they are going to try and work it out. (I’m not supportive of this union.)

Now, all five Push Girls and Angela’s caregiver Aunt (who I’m calling “Auntie” since that’s what Angela calls her) head to the airport. There is some serious tension between Auti and Chelsie. These two haven’t spoken since the chair dance competition. They acknowledge each other, but that’s about it. After the flight, the ladies must travel two hours to the hotel but it’s totally worth it since the place is plush and spacious. Once they are all settled in Auti, Angela and Auntie go off to shop and to sightsee while Chelsie, Mia and Tiphany head to the pool.


Auti and Angela arrive at a church and ask Auntie gather some holy water to bless them. Since there is a funeral taking place, Auntie sneaks in and out of the church and then puts the holy water on the girls’ heads.

Later all of the Push Girls get dressed up and gather for dinner.


Chelsie and Auti arrive first and decide to clear the air. They have a tearful heart-to-heart and hug it out.

The next day, everyone heads out on a boat to go kayaking in the middle of the ocean. All the Push Girls are in kayaks except Angela, who refuses to get in the water.

Angela explains, “All I’m thinking is if that thing flips over I can’t swim.” It’s a serious concern.  Angela hasn’t been in the water in 15 years but the others insist on her joining in the fun. The boat’s crew duck tape the oar to Angela’s hands so she can maneuver it herself. Angela is placed in a kayak with Auti and once they paddle out away from the boat everyone erupts into applause.

Chelsie: The best part about being out in the ocean was being away from our chairs. To be able to feel normal again, around the girls, it was just awesome.

After a fun day on the water the ladies giggle as they head back to the dock. Once  they arrive, they notice Barak is on land waiting. Mia looks stunned and then the episode ends with a cliffhanger.


Here’s a sneak peek of what’s next for Mia and Barak.

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