“Mistresses” recap (1.07): Dancing Shoes


Previously on Mistresses, Karen signed up to get herself axe-murdered, April agreed to sell 20% of her store to get the Mistress Bitch off her back, Dom found out that Savi was pregnant, Savi dissed Joss in a sister fight for the ages, and Olivier was a real pain in Joss’s derrière.

Joss strolls into April’s house while she is sniffing some of her husband’s old clothes. Joss has decided to leave Savi’s guest house to crash with April for a while, which means April will have to get rid of some of Paul’s old things—finally. April looks asks Joss if she wants to talk. Joss starts joking about April’s sex life, but April quickly clarifies that she was referring to the Davis Sister Showdown. April says she’s known both sisters since they were kids, so she can be an emotional Switzerland in the matter, but Joss just waves it off as nothing and scoots off to work.

1 morning joss

In a bit of a change of pace, this week’s meeting of the Terrible Decision Makers club is not happening over breakfast, but on a hiking trail. There, Savi and Karen discuss their woes: Harry isn’t sleeping at the restaurant anymore, but he’s still sleeping on the couch. Savi fears a divorce is in the cards, but she’s (finally) sick of talking about it. Karen takes this reprieve to admit that she may or may not have a creepy teenage stalker.

In Joss’s office building, Alex hops into the elevator, two coffees in hand. Olivier is already in there and chats her up about her bracelets. They bond over their love of India and Olivier pleasantly bids her adieu as she breaks off to bring Joss the coffee she bought her (!). Joss watches Olivier happily jaunt off with the best WTF Face in the history of WTF Faces.

2 joss wtf face

She turns back to Alex and asks how exactly she got “le douche” to smile in 30 seconds, when she has been trying everything she could think of for weeks without so much as a “good job.” Alex isn’t sure what all the fuss is about, he seemed perfectly nice to her, and Joss, frustrated, pounds back her latte like it’s a shot of tequila.

Harry and Savi finally meet face to face in their house and somewhere in their conversation, Harry says “we’ll figure it out” which Savi grabs onto like a life raft. She asks if it means there’s still a “we” to speak of, and while he’s not exactly wagging his tail about it, he says yes.

At a nearby electronic store, Karen is getting the Stalker Protection Special when she runs into Detective Dude. He tells her that he’s no longer part of her ex-lover’s investigation, therefore he’s totally allowed to ask her personal details about it. She spews out some nonsense and he smiles at her and calls her moral and beautiful—all based on her WEB OF LIES.

Meanwhile, Joss’s Legs are at Joss’s desk—oh, and Joss is there, too. She’s listening to a message Savi left, asking her to meet up so they can talk, but Joss doesn’t even listen to it all the way through before deleting the message. Olivier calls her into his office and asks a few questions about Alex. Still on the defensive around him, and not realizing his intentions, Joss says Alex is a former client who is no longer with the buyer, accidentally making her out to be available (which technically she is, but for Joss, not Olivier).

Savi hunts Dom down in their office, and while keeping her distance, tells him that she is not quitting after all, and that they should probably work on separate cases from now on, just in case. Also he should probably stay at least two arms’ lengths away. And maybe they should always have a babysitter with them. And chastity belts. He laughs at her tells her it’s a race for partner and he intends to win.

3 savi panic

Speaking of partners, there is a retirement party for the one whose job they’re already vying for tonight and Savi totally forgot. She rushes home to tell Harry that she needs to make an appearance and he offers to go with her. She agrees, glad he wants to be part of her life, but she does so with the least subtle look of panic on her face at the thought of her husband and her lover being in the same room.

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