“The Killing” recap (3.8): Try


In this episode of The Killing, Detective Linden sits with a knife to her throat mere feet away from her fellow officers, their flashing lights twinkling through the rain on her windshield. Pastor Mike takes her gun and phone and tells her to drive far away from those lights. And she does.

Linden Car

She manages to keep her police radio on, hoping someone will notice she’s gone missing and can track her whereabouts. She attempts to engage Pastor Mike in a conversation and possibly leave some clues to their whereabouts, but he’s burning with frustration and anger. How dare she second-guess his intentions, which up until this point had been good.  He tells her that he’s not some pervert, he cares about these kids.  He really sees them. Gulp.

Bullet is at the police station, trying to catch up with Holder.  She is in a panic, telling him that Lyric is gone. She says Lyric called to tell her that Pastor Mike was trying to kill her and was taking her to the same place the seventeen bodies were found. Holder tells Skinner they need to search the wooded area by the lake, his source can be trusted.

Linden is stressed out. She’s wearing a particularly uncomfortable sweater, a fake pastor has a gun to her head, and the worst part? Now he’s being a total Judgy Janet about her smoking. All she wants is a damn cigarette, fake Pastor Mike. She tries to connect with him, telling him about her past, growing up in the foster care system.

Back at the station, everyone’s looking for Linden. Dispatch lets them know a radio line is in use: Linden’s line. Holder finds the radio and the search is on.

Holder radio

Pastor Mike begins to open up about his kidnapping arrest in Tempe, back when he was Pastor Mark. He wasn’t kidnapping that girl, he was actually helping her detox from heroin. She lied and he lost everything. Linden tries to weave herself into his narrative by telling him that she lost her son. She feeds him a line about a custody battle, and he seems to buy it. He tells her to pull into an underground parking garage, and impending doom be damned, Linden is having a smoke. She confesses to lying about how she lost her son. It’s nobody’s fault but her own, she tells him. She only has so much to give, and it wasn’t enough. Pastor Mike begins to cry and tells Linden to take him to the water.

They drive into the light of day, which seems to give both Pastor Mike and Linden some clarity. Pastor Mike has nothing to lose and Linden senses that this ride to the water will be his last. She is able to convey some info to Holder and the police about her location by telling a story of a friend who hit rock bottom on the bridge they are heading to. Holder knows where they are because he was that friend. The police spring into action.  Linden figures out that it was Pastor Mike who took Angie to the vet to get some help. She screamed when she saw him because she feared going to the hospital and ending up in the system. The blood in his car was hers, because he was trying to save her life. Just as it seems that the tension is realizing and Linden has the upper hand, Pastor Mike sees the radio and forces her to pull over. He drags her to the waters edge, forces her to her knees and puts the gun to her head.

“Please,” she simply says, her eyes watering with fear. Pastor Mike can’t go through with it, so he falls to his knees beside her and prays. The police descend upon the scene, drawing their guns at Pastor Mike. Linden physically stands between the police and the pastor, screaming that he is unarmed, protecting the man who nearly ended her life. Once the pastor is in custody, Linden collapses with shock and relief, and is comforted by Holder. The sky is bright blue behind them, and it’s the first time this season I can recall seeing the sun.

Linden Holder pier

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